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Connor Priory,Crotalus
...comes lots of money?
Fri Jun 30, 2017 02:23

Even though he hadn't made any close friends yet, Connor was liking school a lot...if he focused on that and not worrying about how his family was getting on without him. He had gone home for midterm of course and so far, nothing catostrophic seemed to have happened. Still, Connor was often concerned that it was too much for his mother to have a bad back and take care of a small child who had been a preemie which was a never end of worry, stress and anxiety for his parents. Mom fussed over Lydia more than she had ever over himself or Sophia and neither of them could really complain about the amount of attention they'd gotten from her. Dad, of course, was always worried about something happening to his youngest child.

On top of that were two eight year olds.Well,okay, Sophia wasn't quite eight and Bridget was actually with her own parents right now but the point was basically still there.

Connor could not worry right now though, he had to focus on Charms. Doing well in school was fairly important to him as he didn't want to make his parents worried about him too. Dad, in particular, would worry that he had done something wrong to make Connor do poorly.

Luckily, he enjoyed his classes even though he didn't have a favorite. Charms was overall pretty cool though he didn't really like that the teachers kept changing. He had enjoyed their substitute very much. Professor Davison had been a year ahead of his mother in school and they had been prefects together,so that was cool. Plus, he rarely had rarely given them homework and who, outside perhaps the most hardcore Aladrens, really liked homework?

Still, Professor Wright, who interestingly enough had been in the same year and house as Aunt Chelsea, seemed pretty nice too and Connor was more than willing to give him a fair chance too though he was less than sure Arianna would do the same. She tended to be generally harder on people than he was. Professor Wright was likely too awkward for his cousin's tastes

So, as the professor began to talk about locking and unlocking charms. The homework assignment, he felt, seemed to make a good point. Why lock something when someone could easily unlock it? One could lock away things from younger siblings but not from parents. Not that Connor was the sort who had anything to hide. Maybe this spell was more useful to Muggleborns who wanted to hide things if they did it before they left school since no Muggle could undo it. Of course, a first year spell wouldn't survive the travel time.

He was brought out of his thoughts when Jen spoke to him. "Sure." Connor agreed. "So what do you think of the homework assignment? I mean, not like whether or not it's enjoyable, but like, what he asked? Because I'm not all that sure."

  • With great power...Jennifer White, Thu Jun 29 10:37
    Jen struggled to take Professor Wright seriously. He didn’t seem to have much self-belief, and she wondered how she was supposed to have faith in him when he couldn’t do that himself. Still his... more
    • ...comes lots of money? — Connor Priory,Crotalus, Fri Jun 30 02:23
      • Depends on the power, I supposeJen White, Thu Jul 6 14:47
        Jen had begun to unpack the box, taking out the fabric bag and the piece of card with a door cut into it (because it seemed to her like the card would be easiest to work with, then the fabric, and... more
        • "I was sort of thinking along the same lines." Connor replied, nodding enthusiastically. "Like it would keep out any younger siblings but not parents or older siblings. Unless you really have a lot... more
          • It happens sometimesJen, Tue Jul 25 14:30
            It was sort of reassuring that Connor had the same ideas about the homework assignment, but at the same time disappointing; if he’d have had an alternative viewpoint then it would have given Jen... more
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