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Jen White
Depends on the power, I suppose
Thu Jul 6, 2017 14:47

Jen had begun to unpack the box, taking out the fabric bag and the piece of card with a door cut into it (because it seemed to her like the card would be easiest to work with, then the fabric, and lastly the box; size and density of objects did seem to have some bearing on the success of her spellcasting, she had noticed) when Connor agreed to be partners. She hadn’t really expected him to decline her question, because nobody had ever yet refused to be her accomplice in class, and she had no reason to believe that Connor disliked her. Jen didn’t know her classmate well enough to have created much of an opinion on him. Perhaps this class would give her the opportunity to do so.

“Um,” Jen began, less than eloquently. It seemed she wasn’t the only one whose mind wasn’t completely on the task at hand. “I suppose colloportus will still work against Muggles,” Jen suggested the idea that she had been contemplating, “or underage witches and wizards, or maybe someone without a wand.” Although she had heard that accomplished witches and wizards could do magic without a wand. In fact there were a couple of spells her Mom did without using a wand, things like closing the cupboards doors in the kitchen, and other basic spells that she had done so many hundreds of times in her life that she could probably do them in her sleep.

“Why, what did you think?” she asked Connor, while she reached for her wand with one hand, and habitually pushed the black plastic of her rectangular framed glass up her nose with the other. Her question didn’t, she hoped, sound confrontational, but simply curious; she wanted to know how Connor might have interpreted the assignment, and whether his idea differed from her own.

  • ...comes lots of money?Connor Priory,Crotalus, Fri Jun 30 02:23
    Even though he hadn't made any close friends yet, Connor was liking school a lot...if he focused on that and not worrying about how his family was getting on without him. He had gone home for midterm ... more
    • Depends on the power, I suppose — Jen White, Thu Jul 6 14:47
      • "I was sort of thinking along the same lines." Connor replied, nodding enthusiastically. "Like it would keep out any younger siblings but not parents or older siblings. Unless you really have a lot... more
        • It happens sometimesJen, Tue Jul 25 14:30
          It was sort of reassuring that Connor had the same ideas about the homework assignment, but at the same time disappointing; if he’d have had an alternative viewpoint then it would have given Jen... more
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