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Fabian Brockert, A Not So Kiler Pecari
Trying to figure things out
Sun Jul 9, 2017 16:38

The end of the year-and CATS-were fast approaching. Fabian wasn't really worried about failing CATS and he wasn't out for perfect scores or even straight Os. That was just slightly more likely than Amity and Aunt Jillian reconciling or the former working . He'd never been particularly studious but nor was he stupid though he didn't expect to do better than an A in Potions if he was lucky. And while he was fond of Sophie and had enjoyed the fishing lesson, he had no intention of keeping it. An A was fine and if Fabian got a P, he'd survive. His parents wouldn't be thrilled per se but nor would they give him a hard time.

The problem was that the Pecari still didn't know what to take after next year. Going on grades alone so far, Transfig was still his best-and a Brockert not taking it was unheard of- followed by DADA. He also got fairly all right grades in other classes, because he sort of found COMC and Herbology interesting at times. Fabian liked being outside and camping, so knowing what plants did what and about different animals was something he rather needed.

It would help, he supposed, if he knew what he wanted to do with his life once he graduated. Quite frankly, work didn't appeal to the fifth year all that much in general. He had this image in his head of work as a place where one had to dress all professional and uncomfortably and be trapped inside at a seriously dull job all day. However, as Fabian was a guy, society expected him to work and he couldn't think of anything in particular he wanted to do. He rather envied his sisters and female cousins not having to make this decision, because it was another thing to stress about regarding one's future.

And his older male cousins were hardly helpful. Tristan had decided easily once he had dropped all notions of being a pro-Quidditch player and hadn't had really been able to understand while Ryan had told Fabian when asked that he had been Fabian's shoes and still wasn't entirely sure. Fabian had replied that that didn't exactly fill him with confidence. Ryan was twenty-eight and married with two kids. While the Pecari didn't feel it was fair for him to have to figure it right now, he at least hoped to have it figured out by then.

He also envied those who pretty much had it all figured out already such as Owen. Owen, it seemed, not only had planned to be a writer since the time he, well, could write but had found a girl who was not only from a good family but that was perfect for him. Yup, his distant cousin had it all.

As it was, Fabian doubted he was going to take Charms. The decision was which two he was going to take out DADA, Herbology and COMC as he was keeping Transfig. He knew nearly everyone kept Charms but the things was, he liked most other classes better.

Maybe he should talk to his Head of House about this, but she was so busy . Professor Carter was seriously overworked. It was like she was the new Chaslyn. He didn't know who else he could possibly discuss this with though.

The lesson on the bubble head charm started with having to write down a practical use for it. Fabian quickly scribbled down.

If someone nearby lets out a really stinky fart

His answer was summoned along with the rest of the class' as Professor Wright began to talk more about the lesson. When he mentioned fifth years having to do an essay, Fabian made a face that was well, similar to one that one might make if someone let out a really stinky fart. He did not like essays. They were one of the reasons he did not get excellent grades, as he didn't put as much effort into them as the professors would have liked. And just the fifth years? So not fair.

Before Fabian could do anything though the third year next to him spoke up. "Sure." He replied. "Joshua, right?" He didn't know much about the year group in general and was not sure of most of their names save for Juniper Brockert as she was family and on the wagon with him.

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    • Trying to figure things out — Fabian Brockert, A Not So Kiler Pecari, Sun Jul 9 16:38
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