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Professor Grayson Wright
Sometimes things just disappear (Advanced - VI-VII Years)
Mon Jul 10, 2017 22:59

Advanced Charms had been, if he remembered correctly, the largest Advanced class at Sonora in Gray’s day, and it didn’t seem to have changed much. It was seen by some as a practical course and by some as a soft option – this, in all honesty, might have been what had made Gray study it in university, as he’d seen his education as something of a distraction from the real work of building up a portfolio so he could dedicate his adult life to his writing. Anne had often teased him about it, saying Charms lacked all elegance and precision compared to Transfiguration, but Gray had found it less simple and straightforward than he and his cousin had liked to think before he began his studies in the field.

Naturally, there was only one thing for an old Aladren who’d had to fall back on his back-up plan to do, and that was to use this hard-won wisdom to try to raise the general opinion, at least in the localized area of the Sonora Charms classes, of the whole subject. Pebbles started avalanches and all that, after all.

Not that he thought of the Advanced Charms students as mere pebbles, of course. Some of them were actually a little scary in terms of talent and ambition, at least if level of involvement in classes and around the school was a good marker for ambition. He expected they would go far in the world and that at this point, they could probably manage themselves just as well with a mannequin with a sign reading ‘Charms professor’ pinned to its chest to supervise. Since he did have some ability to interact, however, he thought it would be best not to actually let the inmates run the asylum.

“One of the first things you probably all learned in Charms,” he therefore told them one day, “is that you have to be very careful how you pronounce words. We have a lot of explosions in this class with the first and second years because of that – and I kept having them even after that when I was a student because I stuttered some in school.” And still did if he didn’t concentrate, but he had made doing so into something of a habit over the years. “Of course, the older you get, the worse any mistakes you make are going to get. That’s also something that’s probably not news to you.

“Here’s the question, then – how does this relate to the non-verbal magic you’ve been working on all year? We use visualization to project these charms, but an error in imagining doesn’t usually give you the kind of bad results mispronouncing a letter does. Your ticket out the door today is a few sentences speculating about how that might work.” He knew this probably seemed tedious to students, but it was good practice for responding to out-there essay topics on the RATS while keeping the number of actual practice essays they did in class to a reasonable number. “Your homework will be a two-foot research paper about the connections and differences between Charms visualization and Transfiguration visualization – I know not all of you are in Advanced Transfiguration, but the library has a lot of good books just about the relationship between these subjects and I’ll accept as much as you should know from passing Intermediates.

“For your class assignment, we’re going to work on non-verbally changing the properties of an object. It’s more challenging than charms of motion, so we’ll start small – a concealing charm on a note. You can write what you like, then try to conceal it. I encourage you all to start practicing other small charms after class, too. If there aren’t any questions, you can begin.”

OOC: You should all know by now to follow site rules and posting minimums, but here’s your warning for the sake of good form. Creativity and detail are the routes to maximum points, and feel free to speculate about theory and come up with an incantation for the Concealing Charm (just not to use it out loud where Gray can hear). Tag me here or on OOC if you have any questions and have fun!

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