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Savannah Brockert, Teppenpaw
Gee, thanks for reminding me.
Fri Jul 14, 2017 18:44

Graduation would be approaching soon, and Savannah was getting nervous. Her sister would be getting married and she...would be stuck at home with her parents until she was too. She knew that this was different than just being unwanted. She had had someone, someone she really cared about and now she didn't. It didn't make her feel better.

And over midterm, Savannah had had to attend balls and try to find a betrothal while her sister got engaged. She didn't begrudge Scarlett her happiness but she wanted to be happy again too. It was just...she hadn't been ready over midterm, not over Aiden. She wasn't sure was ready now either. She quite frankly didn't know when she would be, but it had to be soon. The only one of her cousins who hadn't gotten married shortly after graduation was Arabella and that was only because her betrothed had wanted to wait. Oh, and Carrie but she didn't count.

So the balls had been utter torture for her. She'd spent some of the time with Kira who was as miserable as she was at them albeit for different reasons and some of the time crying softly in the bathroom. Savannah tried not to, but sometimes she couldn't help it. Not long ago, she'd left Potions when they were talking about amortentia because she'd been upset. Love and anything having to do with it were the last things she wanted to think of or talk about.

And this summer, she'd be maid of honor in her sister's wedding. She'd smile and pretend everything was okay when afterwards she'd be alone, no Aiden, no Scarlett, nothing.

It wasn't as if Savannah felt nobody else would ever want her either, it was just that right now she didn't want them. She'd had someone she really cared for and that couldn't be easily replaced. Except that she had to. Society expected it. Not that she wanted to be alone her whole life, it would be ridiculous to pine that long. It was just that she'd really liked Aiden and having had that, she couldn't be satisified with anything short of the same feelings and as she still had them for him, she wasn't sure she could have them right now for anyone else.

As it was, Savannah felt pushed to move on before she was ready so people wouldn't whisper under their breath that she was going to end up a spinster. But if she wasn't ready, if she still had feelings for someone else, how would that be fair to not only her but whomever she ended up betrothed to?

She stared dully up at Professor Wright. The Teppenpaw had always been a good student but this year,she wasn't doing quite as well. While she didn't really skip assignments-and was still doing better than her sister, as Scarlett encouragingly reminded her-she was basically going through the motions on things, not putting forth her previous levels of effort.

Once the instructions were given, Savannah took out a piece of parchment and frowned. What in Merlin's name was she going to write? None of her thoughts this year were anything she wanted to put down on paper and try to use a non-verbal concealing spell on. She gazed from Scarlett to Kelsey and even to Owen to see if they were having this issue, only to see them all scribbling things down. Figures she should know better than to look over at a someone who was likely never at a loss for words to write. Finally, she just settled on putting down her name and allowed the words to the concealment charm repeat themselves in her mind until her name started to disappear. Unfortunately, a few letters remained and Savannah sighed. Why couldn't she have a short name like Ivy? Then she could be done with this.

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    • Gee, thanks for reminding me. — Savannah Brockert, Teppenpaw, Fri Jul 14 18:44
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