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Finn Scott, Teppenpaw
Not sure I'd like to live in a bubble
Thu Jul 20, 2017 07:29

Finn wasn’t a regular question-answerer in lessons. Even in Care of Magical Creatures, where he knew more of the answers, he preferred to be a quieter presence, only volunteering information if it was clear everyone else was hesitant. Awkward silences in class were something to be avoided, for everyone’s sake.

Jozua, however, was on fire today, giving the answer and then some. Finn wasn’t sure it was necessarily a good idea to essentially correct the teacher, but his best friend wasn’t always one for doing things because they were a good idea.

Three years into Sonora, Finn was still feeling very lucky about sharing a dorm with Jozua. He could have been rooming with someone awful and completely inappropriate, but instead he’d found himself a best friend. He figured he and Lily were probably tied for best-friend-position in Jozua’s mind, but that didn’t worry him. Lily was a little too loud and excitable for Finn’s taste, but he didn’t mind spending time with her every now and then, such as when they all went to the duelling competition over the holidays (which had been awesome!). Besides, he also had Juniper as a friend, so it worked out nicely that Jozua had another close friend to hang around with.

Getting a little lost in his musings, Finn was brought sharply back to earth as Professor Gray gave them a task to do. Coming up with a creative use was hard and Finn felt like he was fast running out of time as he scribbled down ‘to give you fresh air to breathe when cleaning out stables’. He was sure it wasn’t the most imaginative of ideas, but he’d written something, anyway.

Professor Gray was obviously good at coming up with creative uses, and Finn decided that this lesson had the potential to be good fun. Provided, of course, he managed to master the spell – he didn’t really want to be smelling bad smells. However, he’d been planning on partnering Jozua, but his friend had already found someone else. Oh well, there were other people in the class, and Finn would always have other opportunities to spend time with Jozua.

“Do you want to work together?” he asked the nearest person to him. “I hope Professor Gray hasn’t been too evil with the smells!”

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