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It happens sometimes
Tue Jul 25, 2017 14:30

It was sort of reassuring that Connor had the same ideas about the homework assignment, but at the same time disappointing; if he’d have had an alternative viewpoint then it would have given Jen something else to write about. He also talked a lot. She wouldn’t have applied this to Connor as a general rule, although she couldn’t admit to really knowing him well enough to make that judgment. Maybe he did talk all the time and Jen had never noticed before. Regardless, he was talking a lot now.

“Yeah,” Jen said when he was done. At least he was making valid points and not just spouting off pointless nonsense.”I guess that makes sense.” Building their magical strength had to be one of the goals of the school, otherwise there would just be loads of grown witches and wizards with lots of spell knowledge but poor competence. Seemed an unhelpfully unlikely scenario. “Seems spells that can combat each other would make for competitive learning, too,” she suggested. She’d heard that was a thing, like when the smart students in a class always tried to get the top grades in a pop quiz, or whatever. Jen knew she was smart, but she wasn’t going to brag about it. There were plenty more traits worth having than intelligence, something most people were either born with or weren’t, and most couldn’t do a thing about it. Generosity and patience were probably much more valuable qualities, but people rarely bragged about those. Jen didn’t have a great deal of either. She was only competitive when it suited her; she was too lazy to fight to win all the time.

“If there’s more to it then I’m missing the point,” she said, with the hint of a smile. Done with discussing the homework, she picked up her wand and put the cardboard centrally on the desk in front of her. “So are you ready to try giving these spells your best shot?”

  • "I was sort of thinking along the same lines." Connor replied, nodding enthusiastically. "Like it would keep out any younger siblings but not parents or older siblings. Unless you really have a lot... more
    • It happens sometimes — Jen, Tue Jul 25 14:30
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