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Georgia Kirkly, Teppenpaw
I was fine until you set that essay
Mon Sep 18, 2017 04:25

For the first time since starting Sonora, Georgia actually felt that her summer had been good, and not just something to be survived as she was shuttled between her parents, and all their stupid drama. It had started at the end of the previous term, when her dad had shown up to the end of year concert, in spite of her contribution being nothing more than baking some brownies, which she easily could have done for him at home. His presence had surprised her, because she’d been pretty convinced he hated everything to do with her school, her parents having split up over the whole fact of her going here and everything magic-related. Or at least, that had been what she’d thought. When she’d brought up his confusing presence at the concert, her dad had been pretty horrified at her interpretation of things. He’d actually cried (luckily she hadn’t brought it up at the concert, but later when they were at home), which was pretty weird cos she couldn’t remember her dad crying ever. It had been more to do with the fact that her mom had lied, or kept secrets, whichever you wanted to call it. Big ones, that were going to affect all their lives.

Georgia took her seat in Charms. She couldn’t say she was thrilled to be back. Summer had actually been kind of fun once they’d got through all the heart-to-heart stuff. It was the most relaxed she remembered feeling around her dad since she’d started school, and it was nice to get that back. Still, the theory of cheering charms beckoned. She tried not to sigh. Anything that involved ancient stone tablets didn’t sound like it would be very straightforward. She didn’t have much of an opinion on the spell Professor Gray gave out, except that it sounded pretty stupid. She was just glad that modern spells were more efficient, and that she didn’t have to a full round of grocery shopping and perform the hokey-cokey every time she wanted to do magic.

Luckily, the actual assignment given to the fourth years had very little to do with the lines of gibberish that Professor Gray had just given out. They had to write about ethics of mood spells instead, which was a lot more general. She also didn’t think he’d mentioned sources for them, so that just meant using common sense was an option.

She pulled a bit of parchment out, even though she was pretty sure that stage one was just giving everything a good think over. She guessed it wouldn’t hurt to make some notes, even though most of her early thoughts felt pretty obvious. At least that way it looked like she was doing something, and she was less likely to be accused of copying.

1) Messing with people’s feelings is wrong she wrote. She flicked back through the pages on cheering charms, trying to think of ways to make that point sound more like it was in an essay and less like it was a whiny teenage girl in a chick flick. She paused as she found a likely looking paragraph.

Whilst getting permission to perform magic on another human is considered good manners across all circumstances (even within a duel, both participants have agreed to be combatants), nowhere is this of more importance than with mood and mental magics. A person’s feelings make up the very essence of themselves, and to tamper with this is therefore highly personal.

That basically meant what she’d written, only fancier, and meant that she had a book agreeing with her, which was always a good start. The book continued in this vein for sometime, and so she stopped reading. She had enough for point one. The trouble was, to her it seemed that simple - don’t mess with people, it ain’t nice. And didn’t her parents’ divorce show that too? Even without magic involved, people just didn’t like being played around with. Could there be anything to say to counter that, to justify using them? But “discuss the ethics” and “find three spells” meant that she still had a way to go.

“Hey. Does ‘it’s just wrong and creepy’ break down into other things, or are there things beyond that that I’m just not seeing? I mean, do you think we’re supposed to find things in favour of cheering charms too?” she asked her neighbour.

  • Cheer up already, Intermediates! (III-V Years)Professor Wright, Fri Sep 15 14:50
    In Gray’s old job, his job had mainly been to imagine things and write them down. Now, his job was to imagine things and then make them real. This was, he often thought ruefully, a less similar skill ... more
    • I don't see that happeningAngelique Brockert, Crotalus, Fri Oct 20 18:46
      Angelique sat in Charms class, her prefect badge gleaming from her chest. She couldn't help but be proud of it. She had gotten it over Daniel Fintoc who was-or at least had been previously, she... more
    • I was fine until you set that essay — Georgia Kirkly, Teppenpaw, Mon Sep 18 04:25
      • I feel your painNatalie Atwater, Pecari, Sat Oct 7 16:00
        Natalie's eyes glazed over as she listened to Professor Wright began to talk about ancient Charms. She never really liked when teachers went on and on about things like that. Did it matter where... more
        • I'm not sure I want you toGeorgia, Sun Oct 8 06:18
          Oops. She’d asked a third year who, of course, was doing a different essay. Georgia hoped Natalie didn’t think she was thick for asking her about it. Not that Natalie couldn’t have an opinion of... more
          • That's nice of youNatalie, Thu Oct 19 15:44
            "Well of course you should ask first." Natalie replied. "But like, if you feel bad, don't you want to feel better? No, it isn't going to fix the root cause, but there are some issues someone can't... more
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