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Louis Valois, Aladren
Diving in at the deep end [Tag Ingrid]
Wed Sep 20, 2017 09:38

Deciding which subjects to continue at RATS level had been difficult for Louis. Part of him just wanted to go wild and choose all of them, although he recognised that was a rather stupid idea. He didn’t want to overstretch himself and then do badly. He figured he probably could cope with a large number of classes, but cutting down would be for the best if he wanted to continue both Quidditch and Orchestra, as well as attending other clubs.

Surprisingly, he’d managed not to stress about the fact that he was now a businessman. His grandmother’s fortnightly summaries required little input from him (occasionally the odd signature, but any big decisions or meetings would happen during holidays), but were reassuring. The Valois fashion brand was still heading in the direction he wanted it to. It was a sustainable, thoughtful business now, that didn’t bother about sucking up to the prejudices of society, whilst still maintaining a reputation for high-quality expensive clothes. Preparations for the muggle line he was planning to launch were going well, and he was content with leaving the day-to-day running in his grandmother’s capable hands.

All this meant that Louis had felt justified in choosing six RATS. Charms was, of course, one of them. It was such a key subject, complementing other core classes as well as just being good fun. Professor Gray generally came up with interesting lessons, and today’s did not disappoint.

Louis had studied Latin with his tutor before coming to Sonora. He’d found this to be quite useful for spells, so had kept up his studies, which meant he found Professor Gray’s little Latin lesson easy to follow. Putting his hand up, he replied to the question. “As menti is in the dative, and agua – well, it’s not actually Latin, but definitely not in the dative, so it must be the mind that is being given to the water.”

He was intrigued by the essay they had been set, and was quite eager to get on with it. However, they first had to try the actual spell. This wasn’t exactly a bad thing for Louis. He liked wandwork, and it was rather a fun spell. However, he was also really interested in theory, and was keen to see what the books had to say.

Once he’d got the assignment sheet and the goblet, Louis set to work. His first few tries produced nothing more than a few drops, which was disappointing. Frustrated, he glared at the goblet, tried to concentrate on nothing but water, and forcefully pronounced the incantation. A jet of water shot forth from the end of his wand, going straight into the goblet then spraying out, covering him with drops of water.

“Well, that was hardly a success,” he commented to his neighbour with a rueful grin. He decided that it would be better to soak his shirt than his heavier robes, and was just pulling them off when he realised that this neighbour was, in fact, Ingrid Wolseithcrafte. Oh.

They hadn’t really had many interactions since that dramatic conversation a couple of years ago in the garden, following their ball fiasco. Louis had been friendly to her when the need arose, such as during Quidditch matches, but he’d avoided working with her in class and being around her more than necessary. She’d made her preference clear, and the memory of what had happened between them still stung. He’d had a crush on her, and it had all blown up in a fairly spectacular way. He didn’t exactly blame her for choosing the safe option of what she’d been brought up to believe, but equality was important to him. This summer had, more than anything, confirmed that, and he wouldn’t alter his beliefs for anyone. Still, he liked to think that he’d grown up, and wasn’t going to be so childish as to be rude after having accidentally addressed her.

“Are you having any luck?”

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