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Ingrid Wolseithcrafte, Pecari
Sink or swim
Tue Sep 26, 2017 03:41

Care of Magical Creatures was the first subject Ingrid had chosen. She wanted to work with animals, and so that had been easy. Everything else, she saw as a compliment to that. Charms, Defence, Potions… All of these could be necessary, given the range of magic needed to track down or look after any particular beast. She most wanted to work with dragons. However, even when class didn’t seem to relate to her chosen field, she tended to find it interesting in its own right - she came from an academic enough family that enjoying school was just sort of hardwired in; it didn’t occur to her not to be interested in learning new things. However, today was extra good, because she could easily see the benefits of being able to conjure water in her chosen field.

She listened along to the lecture, and some elements were familiar. Languages had never been her strong suit though, and so she was happy to let other people plunge in on the questions, and just treat it as a refresher of some things she may have once known. Why things were Charms vs Transfiguration was a popular essay in both subjects, and she was sure she’d heard Theodore and Francesca talking over that assignment at family meals… Gamp’s Law didn’t really apply to water, she knew that much. It applied to food, and water wasn’t a food. People only tended to cite Gamp’s Law when they’d forgotten what Gamp’s Law actually said… But that didn’t help it stop sounding like a transfiguration - in fact it made it sound more like one… The basic definition of a charm was to alter something’s properties - even in some very abstract senses, she could see that it was true for most spells. Spells of motion and direction, for example, such as ‘accio.’ It changed a book from being over there to over here, but it didn’t change the object itself, the book was still a book. Transfiguration changed things at the structural level - changed something from something into something else. By that logic, aguamenti seemed more charm-like… You weren’t changing one thing into another, you were changing nothingness into something. But the problem was that all other conjuration came under Transfiguration. Perhaps it would have helped if she was taking that subject, and was able to answer why that was, and perhaps spot a difference. Elemental spells… she jotted down on her parchment. She remembered they were important to the argument Theodore and Francesca had been having. Lumos, bluebell flames… Both of these she readily accepted as being charms, even though they seemed to create something. She couldn’t say why she did though. But having further examples of things that functioned in a similar way was part of an argument at least… It showed that ‘aguamenti’ was not a freak accidental misclassification. It was part of a group. Just what the logic of them all being charms was… That was the key detail she was missing. Still, that would be what hitting the books was for later. Right now, she just had to master the thing.

“Aguamenti,” she cast. A couple of drops fell from her wand. Typical… Her dogwood wand demanded a life of excitement. Apparently, her brain being full, and blocked up, on theory was not an adequately thrilling experience for it to deign to participate. Next to her, Louis seemed to be having the opposite problem. It hadn’t escaped her notice who she was sitting next to...

Well, that was hardly a success.

“Never mind,” she smiled back, deciding that something bland was probably the safest thing to say, rather than the question ’Are you planning to remove a layer of clothing for every failed attempt?’ that had initially sprung to mind. She tried not to follow her mind down the path that said that could be a way to make practising for homework interesting…

Louis was infuriating. His whole attitude to everything was stupid. He had pretty much asked her to give him a shot whilst basically guaranteeing to act so badly that their whole relationship along with her reputation would end up as garbage, whilst failing to see how unfair and unappealing a prospect that was - casting her as stubborn and stuck up for not being willing to do it. For a while, that had been a strong enough deterrent. She had been angry enough that he couldn’t see it from her perspective that she hadn’t really wanted to spend time with him. But now, here he was… Hair dripping all sexily. Why, she wondered, was being wet considered attractive? Most of the time, it definitely did not work in one’s favour. She was pretty sure when she came off the pitch after a rainy practice, she looked more like a drowned rat than anything. But people in adverts often had wet hair, or were emerging from swimming pools, and Louis managed to effortly give off that kind of vibe with his stupid wet hair.

“Mm, I got a whole two drops,” she sighed, when Louis asked her whether she was doing any better. She couldn’t exactly avoid him, and she didn’t want to be rude. Especially not after the summer he’d had…

“I… um… I was sorry to hear about your dad,” she added. “How are you doing?”

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    • Sink or swim — Ingrid Wolseithcrafte, Pecari, Tue Sep 26 03:41
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