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Natalie Atwater, Pecari
I feel your pain
Sat Oct 7, 2017 16:00

Natalie's eyes glazed over as she listened to Professor Wright began to talk about ancient Charms. She never really liked when teachers went on and on about things like that. Did it matter where ancient charms were first written down? She had spent all summer listening to instructions that she felt were more than necessary and now she had to do it at school too.

She did tune back in though when the paper arrived on her desk. The incantation before her was mindboggling. It seemed so inefficient . Magic had sure improved since the days of Mesopotamia. For a brief horrified second, Natalie was afraid that this was actually going to be what they were doing today and if that was the case, she was dropping Charms after her CATS because if this was what was going to be inflicted on a class where the youngest students were thirteen, she couldn't imagine what Professor Wright was having the Advanced class do. This looked like it would be a challenge even for Kira! Then again, the sixth year generally had more patience than Natalie did.

So the Pecari was tremendously relieved to hear that they were, of course, using the much simpler spell. Said relief didn't last long though when Professor Wright assigned them an essay. Unlike her sister, Natalie had not mastered the art of an emotionless mask so she grimaced. A perfectly natural reaction to an essay for anyone not an Aladren.

Plus, her year seemed to have a really dull one that would involve research. She was about to get up and get a book when Georgia spoke to her.

"I...don't know. I mean, I don't have the same essay as you but I can definitely see arguments in favor of cheering charms. Like, if someone is sad and you use a charm on them to make them...not sad, but if it's a charm that makes someone feel something negative, it's not a good idea to do it." Natalie replied.

  • I was fine until you set that essayGeorgia Kirkly, Teppenpaw, Mon Sep 18 04:25
    For the first time since starting Sonora, Georgia actually felt that her summer had been good, and not just something to be survived as she was shuttled between her parents, and all their stupid... more
    • I feel your pain — Natalie Atwater, Pecari, Sat Oct 7 16:00
      • I'm not sure I want you toGeorgia, Sun Oct 8 06:18
        Oops. She’d asked a third year who, of course, was doing a different essay. Georgia hoped Natalie didn’t think she was thick for asking her about it. Not that Natalie couldn’t have an opinion of... more
        • That's nice of youNatalie, Thu Oct 19 15:44
          "Well of course you should ask first." Natalie replied. "But like, if you feel bad, don't you want to feel better? No, it isn't going to fix the root cause, but there are some issues someone can't... more
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