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I'm not sure I want you to
Sun Oct 8, 2017 06:18

Oops. She’d asked a third year who, of course, was doing a different essay. Georgia hoped Natalie didn’t think she was thick for asking her about it. Not that Natalie couldn’t have an opinion of course, as she quickly demonstrated. Georgia wasn’t sure she really agreed with Natalie though. Which, she supposed was sort of helpful for her essay, although she found it difficult to know how to bring up the fact she disagreed. Natalie wasn’t someone she knew very well, although the one occasion they had met stuck out vividly in Georgia’s mind. She’d been doing some thinking in the water room, after her parents had asked her whose name she wanted to use… She wondered, if Natalie had been better at magic at that point, whether her solution would have just been to turn her wand on Georgia. Fix her up. Make her smile. Surely that was totally wrong though…

“But…” she began cautiously, “I mean, you should ask and stuff first, right? That’s what the book says,” she added, feeling like she should back up what she was saying, “I don’t think it’s quite that easy to fix people, and what they feel. Like, the thing that made them sad in the first place will still be a problem when the charm wears off. And other things that mess with people’s feelings, like love potions, are like… illegal, or restricted or something. It just doesn’t really seem like a nice thing to do to someone, to me anyway. You’d be ok with it being used on you?” she asked, as Natalie had seemed to be in favour of the idea, and well… the whole point of starting this conversation had been to get other viewpoints.

  • I feel your painNatalie Atwater, Pecari, Sat Oct 7 16:00
    Natalie's eyes glazed over as she listened to Professor Wright began to talk about ancient Charms. She never really liked when teachers went on and on about things like that. Did it matter where... more
    • I'm not sure I want you to — Georgia, Sun Oct 8 06:18
      • That's nice of youNatalie, Thu Oct 19 15:44
        "Well of course you should ask first." Natalie replied. "But like, if you feel bad, don't you want to feel better? No, it isn't going to fix the root cause, but there are some issues someone can't... more
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