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That's nice of you
Thu Oct 19, 2017 15:44

"Well of course you should ask first." Natalie replied. "But like, if you feel bad, don't you want to feel better? No, it isn't going to fix the root cause, but there are some issues someone can't fix. Some things don't change and all you can do is try to treat them." She tried to think of an example that was similar.

"Like say you have a medical condition that can't be cured but can be treated so you can deal with it and it's less debilitating. For example, one of my cousins has major allergies to the outdoors." The Pecari didn't normally think it was okay to discuss problems her relatives had especially with people she didn't know very well, but she figured that allergies were common enough and she hadn't specified which cousin. "If he doesn't take his potion for it, springtime is utter torture for him so any moment that he's not sneezing or sniffling is a relief . I've personally never been consumed by sadness or depression, but presumably, they aren't pleasant feelings any more than physical issues caused by allergies.

"Cheering charms are a temporary fix indeed but so are potions that help with chronic conditions. My cousin has to take his potion every day at least in the spring and summer."Natalie went on. "And in the example Professor Wright gave us of the long complicated spell for courage, there are times when you really need courage, such as if you're going into battle or have a dangerous job. It makes them easier to handle if you aren't coping with being terrified on top of it, especially if you're the sort who freezes up in these situations,though I suppose that kind of person wouldn't choose a dangerous job. Of course, the spell in the example was way too inefficient."

"Love potions, on the other hand, are different." The third year continued. "They don't produce real love, they produce obsession and basically take away the will of the drinker which is wrong. I very much doubt people want to be miserable and if I were miserable, truly miserable, I'd agree to have a cheering charm placed on me, so long as the caster was capable of not overdoing it."

  • I'm not sure I want you toGeorgia, Sun Oct 8 06:18
    Oops. She’d asked a third year who, of course, was doing a different essay. Georgia hoped Natalie didn’t think she was thick for asking her about it. Not that Natalie couldn’t have an opinion of... more
    • That's nice of you — Natalie, Thu Oct 19 15:44
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