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Angelique Brockert, Crotalus
I don't see that happening
Fri Oct 20, 2017 18:46

Angelique sat in Charms class, her prefect badge gleaming from her chest. She couldn't help but be proud of it. She had gotten it over Daniel Fintoc who was-or at least had been previously, she didn't think he'd signed up this year despite being promoted to captain- a Quidditch player . Even though she supposed she had nothing against him personally if she thought about it-Angelique had been taught that boys were supposed to play Quidditch, though naturally she didn't have really have a problem with those who didn't-it was still incredibly satisfying. Score one for the non-athletes.

Plus, being a fifth year meant she could see the end of her time at Sonora. Then the Crotalus would be out in society and no longer the odd one out. She would belong . Angelique fared quite well at parties, it was just that when she was at school, she was friendless and alone so naturally, she wished she was somewhere else.

Choir was the only outlet she had. It seemed to be going well. They even seemed to have picked up more people than they'd lost, including over a third of the first year class. Angelique considered this a success and owed it in part to last year's concert. Not to mention not enough of the first years were interested in Quidditch enough for anyone, even Pecari , a house full of rabidly sporty people, to get a full team.

Unfortunately, being a fifth year also meant CATS. True, there were advantages, such as not having to take classes she didn't like anymore and she supposed that she really only needed to continue Charms and Transfiguration as she only needed two RATS to graduate. Angelique had no intention of having a career and even if she did, she would be an opera singer which didn't require RATS level knowledge of any subject taught at Sonora. Still, it meant she had to study and just because she had little social life to speak of, it didn't mean she wanted to spend her time studying because quite frankly, she found theory completely boring.

When Professor Wright gave out the assignment, Angelique suppressed a groan. Not only did it involve an essay and research, she had to give a presentation with her yearmates. The Crotalus generally didn't have a problem getting up in front of people, but work with the other fifth years? Especially on something involving arguing a position. They were bound to disagree with her and it would be all of them against her. As usual.

  • Cheer up already, Intermediates! (III-V Years)Professor Wright, Fri Sep 15 14:50
    In Gray’s old job, his job had mainly been to imagine things and write them down. Now, his job was to imagine things and then make them real. This was, he often thought ruefully, a less similar skill ... more
    • I don't see that happening — Angelique Brockert, Crotalus, Fri Oct 20 18:46
    • I was fine until you set that essayGeorgia Kirkly, Teppenpaw, Mon Sep 18 04:25
      For the first time since starting Sonora, Georgia actually felt that her summer had been good, and not just something to be survived as she was shuttled between her parents, and all their stupid... more
      • I feel your painNatalie Atwater, Pecari, Sat Oct 7 16:00
        Natalie's eyes glazed over as she listened to Professor Wright began to talk about ancient Charms. She never really liked when teachers went on and on about things like that. Did it matter where... more
        • I'm not sure I want you toGeorgia, Sun Oct 8 06:18
          Oops. She’d asked a third year who, of course, was doing a different essay. Georgia hoped Natalie didn’t think she was thick for asking her about it. Not that Natalie couldn’t have an opinion of... more
          • That's nice of youNatalie, Thu Oct 19 15:44
            "Well of course you should ask first." Natalie replied. "But like, if you feel bad, don't you want to feel better? No, it isn't going to fix the root cause, but there are some issues someone can't... more
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