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Professor Wright
Fly away, Beginners (Beginners Charms).
Sun Oct 22, 2017 10:54

The Advanced classes were, in theory, the most challenging for everyone involved, but it was the Beginners who Gray used as his personal yardsticks for determining whether or not this teaching thing was actually something he was doing with a reasonable degree of competence. Last year, that had worked out okay for him, he guessed, but he’d only had any of his students for half a year. This would be his first full year, and as midterm drew closer, he was getting a tad nervous about the exams he himself had made up for them. What if last year, all everyone had learned, they had learned in the first part of the year, and now he was about to find out he was an abysmal failure?

He tried not to think too much about this as he gathered the beginner classes for their last new unit before they got to those exams. “Hello, everyone,” he said. “I hope you’re all feeling healthy and awake today – “ he normally would have used more interesting ways to say that, but he had tried to purge his speeches for the Beginners of as much metaphor, simile, and colloquialism as possible for the benefit of the couple of students in the class who were learning English as they went along, not to mention any with other difficulties he wasn’t even aware of; grading student papers had given him all sorts of insight into how different other people’s understandings of the world could be, and he sort of regretted that it was unprofessional to regard students as humans and talk to them as such – “because today, we’re going to make objects fly.”

He waited for any murmurs over that to die down – it could be exciting, this, especially for the first years. “First years, you’re going to start small – levitating feathers. Your incantation is wingardium leviosa and your wand movement is a swish and flick.”

Gray demonstrated this, causing a feather to rise about five feet in the air in front of him. “Don’t worry if it takes you a few tries to get it to rise,” he encouraged them. “Remember that charming doesn’t change what an object is – you’re making it do something it’s not naturally supposed to do. A feather helps a bird fly, but it isn’t supposed to fly on its own, and you want it to hover – to be still in the air. You don’t want it to blow around on a current of air. That would be easier. I want everyone to practice the wand movement and incantation separately a few times before you start on the feather, too, so you don’t have any accidents.”

With the first years thus engaged, he turned to the second years. “Second years, you’re going to go a bit further into charms of motion,” he said. “Today, we’re going to start you on levitating multiple objects at one time. You’ll each have two rubber balls, and levitate them with a circular wand movement followed by a flick and spherae leviosa.

“Homework for everyone will just be to keep practicing these for today,” he added generously to the class. “You may begin.”

OOC: Welcome to Charms! All site rules (minimum word count 200 words, or about eight sentences, good spelling and grammar, no writing for each other’s characters without permission, keep it PG, and keep it realistic) need to be followed for points. Tag Gray in your post title if you need to ask him something in character and ask on the OOC board or in Chatzy (I’ll often be found there as Tatiana or Amelia) if you have any questions out of character. Have fun!

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        • A rouge rogue or a rogue rouge?Jen White, Tue Oct 31 15:42
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