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Jennifer White, Aladren
Rogue Rubber Ball
Mon Oct 23, 2017 05:29

While she could confess to being healthy and awake - and yup that ranked near the top of weirdest professor-to-student greetings she had encountered - Jen couldn’t admit to be interested. Some spells were obviously more useful than others (some transfigurations were just plain nonsense but Jen was assuming they helped develop useful skills or something, and that they weren’t being taught how to transfigure useful objects into far less useful objects just to entertain the professors and whatever board governed the school and its curriculum) and levitating was potentially useful, she guessed, but Jen could already do that. Now she needed to spend a whole class learning a new spell to levitate more than one thing at a time. That was kind of annoying. Why not just teach them that spell in the first place?

She stared at the set of rubber balls on her desk. One was dark red, the other a sort of ugly, aquamarine. Both were well scuffed, and the second year could easily imagine they had existed longer than she had. They could be new and poorly looked after, she neither knew nor cared. She sighed, and ran a hand distractedly through her short, choppy, mousy-brown hair. Her thumbs were poking through the holes she had made for them in the sleeves of her lightweight black hoodie, plain except for the neon orange stitching around the hem and hood. Right, she was sitting in the class anyway, she might as well do the work. At least she wasn’t forced to work with a first year on this occasion. Jen didn’t think much of Professor Wright, but at least he let her work alone sometimes.

Jen picked up her wand and, with enormous effort, forced herself to sit up straight in her seat rather than slouching over her desk. She muttered the incantation to herself and practised the wand movement a couple of times, and was common practise for most students when they were learning a new spell. Then a rogue rubber ball bounced on the floor beside her, then up into the air, before arching again and falling into Jen’s lap. She looked down at the ball, then looked up to ascertain its owner. Picking the ball up with her left hand (her wand was still in her right), Jen held it up to the student looking in her direction. “This yours?”

  • Fly away, Beginners (Beginners Charms).Professor Wright, Sun Oct 22 10:54
    The Advanced classes were, in theory, the most challenging for everyone involved, but it was the Beginners who Gray used as his personal yardsticks for determining whether or not this teaching thing... more
    • Rogue Rubber Ball — Jennifer White, Aladren, Mon Oct 23 05:29
      • A rouge rouge at that.Ivy Brockert, Teppenpaw, Mon Oct 23 16:44
        Ivy was really excited to have Vlad and Peyton here at school with her though was a bit disappointed that the latter had been sorted into Crotalus. How nice it would have been for them to all be... more
        • A rouge rogue or a rogue rouge?Jen White, Tue Oct 31 15:42
          Ivy nodded, and blushed, and apologized, and Jen thought it was lucky the ball had only landed in her lap and not broken her nose or smashed her specs (neither likely, considering the balls were... more
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