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Ivy Brockert, Teppenpaw
A rouge rouge at that.
Mon Oct 23, 2017 16:44

Ivy was really excited to have Vlad and Peyton here at school with her though was a bit disappointed that the latter had been sorted into Crotalus. How nice it would have been for them to all be together. Plus, she was worried about Peyton feeling left out. Still, she was glad her cousin had made friends with her roommate.

So overall things were going good. Last year, even though Ivy had initially been excited to go to Sonora, once she'd gotten here, she'd become homesick. Now that she had her brother and cousin with her, it was so much better. She no longer had to ever worry about loneliness and even though Ivy still missed her parents and Lavender, she felt more like she had some of home with her because of her two closest friends. True, she'd had a bunch of cousins with her last year, but most of them were much older and she'd never been as close to Natalie as she was to Peyton even though she'd never excluded the Pecari from anything.

And it wasn't as if school itself had been bad though Ivy wished she had more friends. She liked her classes especially Herbology and Transfiguration and really enjoyed orchestra.

Professor Wright began the lesson and at first, Ivy felt a bit disappointed. She had already mastered this last year. The Teppenpaw knew that the first years needed to learn it but she couldn't help but want very much to learn something new. Perhaps she was meant to help a first year. That would be nice.

Then Professor Wright went on to give the second years their task and Ivy began to feel excited. Learning to float multiple objects was quite useful like if one had a lot of stuff to carry. In fact, Ivy thought that might be the point of learning this spell to begin with. People didn't usually need to float a single feather. If they needed to transport a feather, they probably would just carry it, but it was a step towards having to carry something heavy. The second year loved this, how seemingly useless steps led to being able to do bigger and better things. Just the process of learning delighted her.

She received her balls, one of which was a neon orange and the other was a reddish purplish color. " Spherae leviosa." They both rose a little in the air, before the reddish purplish fell, rolled off her desk and started to bounce away. Ivy secured the orange ball with a quick charm so it didn't do the same and said "Stay" like one would a pet or a broom. Then the Teppenpaw gazed around for other ball spotting over on Jen's lap. She was about to go and get it when the other second year addressed her. Ivy nodded sheepishly and blushed. "Yes, sorry."

  • Rogue Rubber BallJennifer White, Aladren, Mon Oct 23 05:29
    While she could confess to being healthy and awake - and yup that ranked near the top of weirdest professor-to-student greetings she had encountered - Jen couldn’t admit to be interested. Some spells ... more
    • A rouge rouge at that. — Ivy Brockert, Teppenpaw, Mon Oct 23 16:44
      • A rouge rogue or a rogue rouge?Jen White, Tue Oct 31 15:42
        Ivy nodded, and blushed, and apologized, and Jen thought it was lucky the ball had only landed in her lap and not broken her nose or smashed her specs (neither likely, considering the balls were... more
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