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Jen White
A rouge rogue or a rogue rouge?
Tue Oct 31, 2017 15:42

Ivy nodded, and blushed, and apologized, and Jen thought it was lucky the ball had only landed in her lap and not broken her nose or smashed her specs (neither likely, considering the balls were apparently quite bouncy but they didn't seem to be Bludger-hard or any other sort of dangerous), because her yearmate might have imploded from being flustered. If that was a thing. “Don’t worry about it,” she said, and threw the ball the short distance back to the other girl.

Jen didn’t know Ivy well, but then she didn’t know anyone especially well, prone as she was to keeping to herself and preferring solitary pastimes. The other girl seemed quite nice for the most part: accommodating, without being that sort of pushy helpful that got in your face and made you feel awkward. She was also a Brockert, and there seemed to be a lot of them, and they were definitely part of this whole pureblood culture thing that Jen really just didn’t understand. Her Mom was a witch and who knew who her Dad was? So the whole patriarchy, heirs, betrothals deal didn’t make much sense to her. Not that she’d ever judge Ivy based on her name - unless it was something lame like Ryder Knight or weird like Strawberry Sunshine, which it wasn’t - but Jen was just mentally summing up all she knew about her. Maybe she played some sort of musical instrument or other? Jen liked music, just not playing it. She’d never bothered to learn.

“I guess there’s gonna be a lot more of that happening, with failed levitations and stuff,” she nodded, making one of the world’s worst efforts at awkward conversation. Jen didn't make a habit of starting conversations. Partly because she sucked at at, as she was clearly demonstrating right now. Partly because mostly she just didn’t want to talk to other people. Still, it was only second year, and Jen was stuck with all the people currently in the classroom for a while longer yet. Not all of them could be as evil as Cleo. It was probably safe getting to know Ivy a bit better.

  • A rouge rouge at that.Ivy Brockert, Teppenpaw, Mon Oct 23 16:44
    Ivy was really excited to have Vlad and Peyton here at school with her though was a bit disappointed that the latter had been sorted into Crotalus. How nice it would have been for them to all be... more
    • A rouge rogue or a rogue rouge? — Jen White, Tue Oct 31 15:42
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