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Nearer sinking, I'd say
Wed Nov 1, 2017 13:36

Louis laughed at Ingrid’s response to his question. “Two drops? That seems better than a deluge,” he countered, winking at her before turning back to his goblet. Nice move, idiot, he chided himself mentally, not having meant to be so casual as to actually wink at her (even if that was a natural response to a pretty girl), and assuming the conversation was over. Ingrid wouldn’t want a long chat with him, and he’d probably scared her off anyway.

He was therefore rather caught off guard by her next question. He’d been hoping most people would ignore his father’s death, and he hadn’t thought a conversation with Ingrid would manage to get as far as pleasantries like that. Unfortunately for him, she asked just as he was casting, and the distraction it caused led to loss of control, and yet another deluge. Unexpectedly drenched, he wondered if this lesson could get any worse.

“I..uh…p*t*in,” he cursed, the situation causing a rare case of a flustered Louis. “I…not too bad, really – that is to say-” No, this wasn’t going right, and he stopped with a sigh. “Thank you for your concern. It’s…complicated,” he tried to explain, hoping Ingrid would leave it at that. “Has my shirt gone see-through?”

He wasn’t too concerned about the shirt. It would dry, and he had no problems in terms of body image. Still, it was an obvious conversation change, and Louis didn’t want to have to explain that no, he wasn’t really as cut up as he should be about his father’s death. Based on previous conversations, he was sure that wouldn’t go down well. He also didn’t want to give Ingrid a lead-in to making disparaging remarks about his new business decisions.

  • Sink or swimIngrid Wolseithcrafte, Pecari, Tue Sep 26 03:41
    Care of Magical Creatures was the first subject Ingrid had chosen. She wanted to work with animals, and so that had been easy. Everything else, she saw as a compliment to that. Charms, Defence,... more
    • Nearer sinking, I'd say — Louis, Wed Nov 1 13:36
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