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Professor Wright
Beginner Charms: Now You See It.
Thu Nov 16, 2017 12:36

Gray was in a good mood as he entered the Charms classroom for the Beginners class. He had, in a decidedly odd mood, dashed off a short story back in early October, revised it with a fever in the middle of the month, and then submitted it to a journal. The thing had actually been accepted. Aside from resulting in extra money (which was always pleasant and welcome), it had also amused him – apparently, the key was working when he was mildly ill, because he thought he had done better work at other times and had much more difficulty getting it printed.

Since he had gotten something printed one way or another, though, he was in a good mood as he greeted the first and second years. “Hello, everyone. I’ve got your quizzes finished, and I was happy overall with them.” He picked a student in the front row and asked them to pass the quizzes back out.

“You may notice, as you get your quizzes back, that you don’t see any grades on them,” he continued. If they didn’t notice this, they weren’t paying attention, which meant he would have to a point wasted his time by marking all the quizzes, which had inspired him to create this lesson. They needed, he reasoned, this spell anyway, so at least he could make them at least briefly see their marks and his comments on this particular quiz. “By the end of class today, that should no longer be the case. Our lesson today is on the charm aparecium.”

He wrote that word on the board and underlined it with the chalk. “Those of you whose parents are witches or wizards have probably heard the word Apparate before. That’s a very advanced charm adults can use to travel instantaneously from one place to another. This spell isn’t much like that, even though they sound the same. They sound the same because they’re both from the Latin word for to appear. Apparition makes people appear in a new place. Aparecium reveals words that are hidden on a page – as your marks and comments are now on these quizzes. You have to tap your wand twice directly on the page and speak firmly and clearly, but remember – the more writing there is, the more effort it takes to reveal it. Your homework will be to copy out the comments I made on your quizzes and turn them in to me tomorrow.” At least he’d get some feedback through a few more heads than he might have otherwise.

“If you finish the spell and your homework early, start reading pages 112-115 in your textbook for the theory of the relationship between charms of appearing and charms of motion – or read that first if you find knowing the theory first helpful. As usual, raise your hands if you have a question for me and stay on task, and go.”

OOC: Welcome back to Charms! The rules are still the rules: at least 200 words, watch your spelling and grammar, tag me or flag me down in Chatzy if you need me, and more creativity will lead to more points. Have fun!

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