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Gary Harper
Quiz, right.
Sun Nov 19, 2017 20:42

It was time for charms class once again, and as had become his habit, Gary got to class early. He took a seat in the front row of the class and unpacked his books, notebooks, wand and writing utensils. He then proceeded to scribble notes into a notebook that had nothing to do with charms or any of his other classes. He referenced another book or two that were similarly unrelated to any sort of classwork during this process. He liked the bit of quiet time in the classroom to do some of this work before everyone else arrived. Once the other students began to show up, he quickly packed those books away, just leaving the ones related to charms.

After greeting them, Professor Wright handed Gary a pile of papers and asked him to pass them out. Gary set to the task. He had honestly forgotten about the quiz until this moment, he did notice something odd about the papers though as he worked distributing them back to the students. The professor's explanation cleared that up though. After handing out the last paper, Gary sat back at his seat with his own paper and looked it over. He was doing okay in the class, and Professor Wright's comment about being 'happy overall' didn't stir up any concerns. This wasn't his best class, but it certainly wasn't his worst either.

His main problem for these spells was the power source. He could get the somatic and verbal components were easy enough to comprehend, but he couldn't figure how those alone were causing such drastic effects on reality. There was more to it, since a 'muggle' doing the exact same things didn't cause the desired effect. The only explanation that he had been able to come up with so far was that these beginner level spells were mere cantrips, and perhaps the later ones they would be learning would draw more heavily upon the caster. Once that became a factor then it would be explained to them, perhaps the professors though such information now would just muddy the theory when it wasn't yet relevant.

Anyway... on to see what marks he had gotten on his quiz. He considered doing the reading first, but decided to give the spell a try and fall back on the reading if he couldn't get it. Tap the page twice and speak firmly and clearly...? Was this a charisma based spell? Did he need to convince the invisible writing on the page that he had the authority to read it? Maybe, this could be a type of dispelling action to counteract the charm that Professor Wright used to make the writing invisible. That gave him another idea, if the professor had used the standard lemon juice based invisible ink, all he needed was a small flame. He doubted that would work in this case.

Gary tapped the paper and spoke with as much authority as he could muster. Naturally nothing happened. He tried again, nothing. Sighing he picked up the book and flipped to page 112 to begin reading. Maybe he just wasn't pronouncing the work quite correctly.

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    • Quiz, right. — Gary Harper, Sun Nov 19 20:42
      • I guess I donít get a sticker...Jasmine Delachene, Crotalus, Wed Nov 22 13:49
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            • You may have a point there.Gary, Sun Dec 3 13:30
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