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Jasmine Delachene, Crotalus
I guess I don’t get a sticker...
Wed Nov 22, 2017 13:49

Jasmine was a less than stellar student, coasting along at solid As. She wasn’t exactly in danger of failing anything, as she leaned closer to the E side of the A spectrum
rather than the P side, but she rarely pushed herself enough to tip her quality of work into exceptional territory. Charms was actually one of her better subjects, as she sometimes got lucky and landed an E on a test or assignment. On one notable test, a little extra effort and a genuine interest in the topic had even resulted in an outlier O, that she really hoped Professor Wright didn’t expect her to replicate any time soon. Uncle Daniel got these ideas in his head that if she did amazing once she should be able to keep on being amazing, and it really didn’t work that way in her experience. With luck, Professor Wright would just be happy she was able to be amazing at all.

She got back her quiz that Gary was handing out, and flipped through it once, frowned, and flipped through it again. There were no markings indicating she’d gotten anything wrong, but neither was there a giant star commemorating the incredible occasion. She should at least get a “wow!” for an accomplishment of this magnitude. In point of fact, as she looked for her well deserved sticker a third time, she began to realize her paper almost looked like it hadn’t been graded at all. . .

Professor Wright explained the mystery and Jasmine deflated in disappointment. She hadn’t gotten everything right. (Probably.) She just couldn’t see the corrections yet.

As he explained the lesson she nodded in annoyed impatience as he reminded them all of the apparation spell. Of course she recognized it. It didn’t even occur to her that her own mother would have been one of the people who thought the idea of a person vanishing and appearing somewhere else was completely foreign during her first year, because it was such a commonplace thing at home now that Jasmine simply couldn’t comprehend anyone not being familiar with it.

Finally the professor got on with it and told them about the spell they were actually working on today. Jasmine took a few sparse notes so Uncle Daniel would have nothing to complain about if he flipped through her Charms notebook this summer. Which he would, because he was nosy like that.

When he finished talking, she closed the notebook (she had muggle variety notebooks because Mom felt they were an essential school supply, and they came with unicorns on the cover so Jasmine wasn’t going to be a magic snob about it) and put it aside. She drew her wand and tapped it against her quiz, twice, and cast, “Aparecium!”


She pouted and addressed her neighbor, a boy whose name she thought might be Gary. “I hope he put a lot of writing on the tests of people who are actually good at this, otherwise it’s not fair to make it harder for people who already have trouble.” Of course, Gary was an Aladren, so he might disagree with this opinion, but he hadn’t gotten his marks revealed yet either, so maybe he wasn’t as skilled as his House badge suggested and would commiserate.

  • Quiz, right.Gary Harper, Sun Nov 19 20:42
    It was time for charms class once again, and as had become his habit, Gary got to class early. He took a seat in the front row of the class and unpacked his books, notebooks, wand and writing... more
    • I guess I don’t get a sticker... — Jasmine Delachene, Crotalus, Wed Nov 22 13:49
      • Stickers are overrated anywayGary, Sun Nov 26 17:30
        Gary pulled his head out of his book as the Crotalus girl next to him sent a comment his direction. Apparently he wasn't the only one in the room having some difficulty with this particular charm. To ... more
        • If they have unicorns on them they’re notJasmine, Wed Nov 29 15:25
          Jasmine frowned slightly as she was accused of having faulty logic. She hadn’t been using logic . She been using hope, prayers, and optimism. Gary clearly believed in a rational world rather than the ... more
          • You may have a point there.Gary, Sun Dec 3 13:30
            Gary was taken back by her response to his analysis of the quiz situation. Was she mad? Luckily for him, she explained, and he could see her point of view. "That would make sense, and he may have... more
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