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Stickers are overrated anyway
Sun Nov 26, 2017 17:30

Gary pulled his head out of his book as the Crotalus girl next to him sent a comment his direction. Apparently he wasn't the only one in the room having some difficulty with this particular charm. To be fair, the analog he'd recognize it as is a third level cleric spell. However, if memory serves him correctly, that one reveals everything that was invisible within a five foot radius of you. This must be a much simplified cantrip version that only can reveal hidden text on paper. The reading had been helping him figure out how this spell was supposed to work, maybe he could put it to practice now.

He had to give the girl some credit, her logic made sense, and yet was paradoxical at the same time. "You make a good point, but there is a flaw in that logic. The students not doing as well would the ones having the most problem with this, and thus incur the most marks on their paper that they would need to reveal." He thought for a moment then continued, "From what I've been reading and the professor's instructions, success with this charm isn't necessarily a matter of just proper pronunciation and wand movements." He had learned early on to stop referring to those aspects of spell casting as somantic and vocal components.

"This spell is also a question of magical power, will power, or whatever else you want to call it. If it is harder the more writing there is to be revealed, then logically there must be a power aspect that can vary." He considered his paper again. The previous attempt he had only done the wand action and the spoke the word, and assumed that would be enough. If he was right, he would have to add something else into the mix. He gave the girl a smile, "Let me try that again."

Gary focused on his quiz paper once more while trying to summon up any kind of mystical power he may possibly possess. Then he tapped the paper twice while speaking the word with clear authority, he imagined sending all of his 'summoned' power through his wand and into the paper. He could feel something happen, he wasn't sure what, but it was definitely something. The professor's writing came clear on the quiz, there was about as much as he figured there would be. It was another E.

"See, just like that." He showed her his paper with an encouraging smile, "Your turn now. You can do it, once you have the motions and pronunciation down, you just need to channel some power into it."

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    • Stickers are overrated anyway — Gary, Sun Nov 26 17:30
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        • You may have a point there.Gary, Sun Dec 3 13:30
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