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If they have unicorns on them they’re not
Wed Nov 29, 2017 15:25

Jasmine frowned slightly as she was accused of having faulty logic. She hadn’t been using logic. She been using hope, prayers, and optimism. Gary clearly believed in a rational world rather than the ideal fair one she’d been imagining. Aladrens. “I meant,” she huffed in impatience, “that it would be more fair if Professor Wright wrote novels of praise on the good students exams and just marked the answers wrong on the struggling students’ exams, so the spell difficulty matched everybody’s ability level. I didn’t say that’s what he did or that it makes sense for the markings on a normal quiz.”

Then Gary started speaking Aladrenese and Jasmine got completely lost and mostly just understood he was saying something about putting some oomph behind the spell. Why he didn’t just say ‘You need to put some oomph behind your spell,’ she had no idea and suspected the answer had something to do with why he was an Aladren and she most decidedly was not.

He tried it with oomph and it worked and there was a nice big E on the top of his paper. Obviously. Because he was an Aladren, and even struggling Aladren didn’t get mere As. She sighed and turned to her own paper and hoped he didn’t think she was dumb when he saw her grade.

Okay. Oomph. Got it.

She tapped her paper with her wand, twice, clearly spoke the incantation, and put oomph behind it.

She shrieked a little bit as gray smoke poured out of her wand and her paper darkened and smoldered at the edges, but she had a good solid A clearly legible on the top of her lightly toasted quiz, and markings explaining where she went wrong, so it wasn’t a complete failure. “So, too much oomph, then?” she guessed.

  • Stickers are overrated anywayGary, Sun Nov 26 17:30
    Gary pulled his head out of his book as the Crotalus girl next to him sent a comment his direction. Apparently he wasn't the only one in the room having some difficulty with this particular charm. To ... more
    • If they have unicorns on them they’re not — Jasmine, Wed Nov 29 15:25
      • You may have a point there.Gary, Sun Dec 3 13:30
        Gary was taken back by her response to his analysis of the quiz situation. Was she mad? Luckily for him, she explained, and he could see her point of view. "That would make sense, and he may have... more
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