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You may have a point there.
Sun Dec 3, 2017 13:30

Gary was taken back by her response to his analysis of the quiz situation. Was she mad? Luckily for him, she explained, and he could see her point of view. "That would make sense, and he may have done that..." his voice trailed off as his brain started to assess that situation. Unfortunately, when that happened, his voice kicked back in without him really thinking about it. "However, that wouldn't necessarily give him a good basis to work from from. To eliminate as many variables as possible, he should have used the same amount of markings for each quiz. That way he could properly assess each student's progress." He realized what he was doing and cut himself off with a quick, "Sorry".

He watched Jasmine as she completed the charm, and gasped quietly as her paper nearly caught on fire. He didn't know how she did that, there wasn't any type of fire components in that charm. He was mildly impressed, she had found a way to work that in through pure willpower. "That was great!" he exclaimed, "You not only revealed your results, but you added an extra heat based component into the charm. How did you do that?" Was it possible to mix and match the charms that they had been learning for more varied effects? Perhaps that's something that they would learn in later years, but this girl may be a natural at it, and could do it without official training. He'd have to keep an eye on her and see if he could figure out how she did it.

  • If they have unicorns on them they’re notJasmine, Wed Nov 29 15:25
    Jasmine frowned slightly as she was accused of having faulty logic. She hadn’t been using logic . She been using hope, prayers, and optimism. Gary clearly believed in a rational world rather than the ... more
    • You may have a point there. — Gary, Sun Dec 3 13:30
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