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Professor Wright
Intermediate Charms: Cast it out, then reel it back in.
Tue Dec 5, 2017 16:31

Intermediates were always a challenging group, the one which probably most often made Gray vaguely want to flee, but he had come to an interesting discovery about them this year. It was that they had been significantly less difficult to deal with in the first half of the year than they were right now, at the time when he had entered the school last year.

That had been pleasant enough in the first part of the year, but now it was after Easter break and things were getting hectic. The third years most likely had the Bonfire on their minds, the fourth years might have their exams on their minds, and the fifth years were either focused on CATS or else serious headaches for the staff because of their lack of focus on the CATS. Three years, three different levels of focus, maturity, and ability…when he was in school, this had all seemed perfectly ordinary. Now, it seemed clinically insane, and reminding himself that at least the Scary Teppenpaws would no longer be in the same class next year was of minimal comfort.

“Hello, everyone,” he said, remaining externally chipper. He had realized quickly, in his old life, that showing any sign of weakness among other scriptwriters was an extremely bad idea and had gotten comfortable enough with his new life over the course of a year to draw on old skills. “Glad to see you all, and even moreso if you’ve done your homework.” It had been a fairly simple assignment comparing a couple of charms. He expected a variety of responses he never would have come up with for one reason or another.

“As beginners, you all learned some of the basic charms of motion,” he said matter-of-factly. “How to make objects fly, how to move them at deliberate speeds, how to control their trajectories. Now we’re going to work on the more complex charms of motion – those that involve distance.”

He tapped the board to reveal words he’d written on it before class, which were Summoning and Banishing. “These spells do, as those of you in the upper classes and those of you who read ahead probably already know, exactly what they sound like they do,” he informed them. “The Summoning Charm brings an object to you, and a Banishing Charm sends it away.

“Why, I assume some of you are thinking, is this any different from making a feather fly up above your heads? The key difference here is that these charms work on objects you can’t actually see as well as those you can. So I can summon a book from that shelf – “ Gray did so, catching it and, thanks to some practice last night, to not fumble or drop it – “or a quill from inside my desk drawer – “ the drawer flew open to allow a quill to fly out – “or, if you have the knack for it, your cloak from the other side or even outside of the building, though I’m not going to demonstrate that in case I alarm or injure anyone in the hallways.

“The spell for Summoning is accio, and the spell for Banishing is depulso. Both require a simple swish for their wand movements, and both are charms that require you to concentrate. That’s why we’re beginning our work on these spells with small, understuffed cushions like this one – “ he held up a maroon exemplar. “Some of you are going to get whacked in the head before the end of class, and I’m sure the medic would prefer not to have you all come in with broken noses at one time.

“Third and fourth years, you’re going to come get cushions in a minute. Third years, today you’re going to concentrate on Banishing them back to this bin. Fourth years, I want you to work on Banishing your cushion and then Summoning the same cushion back to you. Fifth years – “ he assumed they were already anticipating the worst, though he didn’t think it was that bad this time – “you will not get a cushion when you come up here. You will each get a slip of paper with a picture of a cushion which is hidden somewhere in this room on it. You need to Summon it and bring both your slip of paper and the correct cushion up to me.” He would, of course, be keeping an eye out for anyone attempting to swap papers, but it would be ungracious to say that before any of them proved they were thinking of it. “Your homework will be more practicing, and I am specifically ordering you to do this in environments and with objects that won’t result in harm to yourself, other students, the staff, the elves, the buildings, or the grounds.” He thought that covered the major possibilities. “Any deliberate attempt to damage any of those things will land you in detention, so don’t do that. Do, however, come up here and collect your supplies.”

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