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Cleo James
Meeting a childhood hero (tag Professor Gray)
Wed Dec 6, 2017 19:50

Cleo hung back as the rest of the class filed out, tucking her slightly singed test paper into her bag, as it wasn’t the reason that she wanted to talk to Professor Gray, and she didn’t want to cause confusion, or really remind him of her pyromaniac tendencies. She felt like those were improving the most rapidly in Charms, of all her wandwork subjects, and today she felt it had only got out of control because she had been excited to see what Professor Gray had said, and whether she had impressed him. She thought he might be the reason she was doing better in Charms than the other spell-based subjects. There were the radio shows, the ones she had listened to growing up, that meant being in Professor Gray’s company evoked a warm sense of comfort and of the familiar. And then there was him. He was… There was something… He was the least fiery person she could imagine. He was definitely safer, in some intangible way, than Professor Nash, for example. Perhaps this was unfair, although Cleo did not entertain this degree of introspection and examination of her own thoughts. Professor Nash taught a dangerous class, and one which the pressure of led to more fiery outbursts from her. All she knew was that she felt a tension with Professor Nash that she couldn’t place, and that she didn’t feel it with Professor Gray.

“Professor?” she asked, approaching his desk. “I… I liked your radio shows. When I was small. Smaller,” she told him shyly. Her daddy had said he was sure the Professor would be pleased at the compliment but Cleo still felt a little funny talking to him one on one, both because he was her professor and because it was slightly unreal to be talking to the writer of The Secret Lives of Chess Men. “And I’m sorry that I set things on fire sometimes,” she added, because this was something she felt she owed it to most of her teachers to say.

    • Probably not being very impressive.Professor Gray, Thu Dec 7 19:12
      Another Beginners class was done. Gray had just sat down at his desk when he heard someone saying “Professor”? , an appellation it was still slightly consciously strange to apply to himself but which ... more
      • She nodded, smiling brightly as he assured her she was getting better, and to keep working on it. “I will,” she assured him, “I find it’s getting better more quickly in Charms. In Defence,... more
        • So I gather.Professor Gray, Fri Dec 8 20:45
          Hearing himself referred to as ‘professor’ was strange but not, it turned out, quite as strange as hearing his actual name in this context. Grayson was – well, technically it was his name, on... more
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