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Parker Fitzgerald, Pecari
A Sea of Red to Meet the Eye
Thu Dec 7, 2017 11:01

Quizzes. The thing Parker hated more than taking them, was getting them back. He always knew that the red marks would be there. Whether he was in magic school or non-magic school, the results of quizzes were always the same. Red, as far as the eye could see. The fact that Charms was not his best class, not his worst, which was Defense Against the Dark Arts, but definitely not Herbology (which as Cleo, with her smarts, had predicted would be his best one).

Parker had been distracted as of late, as he was wondering how he could make a map of the Labyrinth for the Garden Adventurers that he had thought up before break. He could always draw a map, but that wasnít all that exciting, not he felt that there must be some way to make the map fun and exciting. Make itÖ magical.

Professor Right seemed to be in a good mood, which was nice and as the tests were handed back Parker stared at his page for a second. There was no red. No red at all. He was excited for a second before he realized there was also no score.

As he listened to Professor Right the hair on Parkerís neck stood up. Wait, thereís a way to make words appear on a page, and a way to make them disappear?

Parker imagined the library and all the books there that might have notes in them he could use and also on the map itself. If this was a simple charm, maybe there were more advanced charms that would only work with one particular personís voice, like certain devices in the non-magic world. After Professor Right said you could start by reading the theory first, Parker laughed a bit to himself.

How could theory help with practice? he thought.

Tapping his wand twice, Parker lowered his voice a bit, ďApare ciumĒ. Red words faded onto the page and then off of it. Parker closed his eyes, there was a lot of it.
He took a deep breath and spoke again, this time the red opened up onto his page, almost as if someone had cut an artery on it. He took another deep breath and began to copy down the comments Professor Right made. This might be a while.

He looked around to see how much red was appearing on other studentís papers. He wanted to see if his was the only one that looked soÖ red.

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    • A Sea of Red to Meet the Eye — Parker Fitzgerald, Pecari, Thu Dec 7 11:01
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