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Professor Gray
Probably not being very impressive.
Thu Dec 7, 2017 19:12

Another Beginners class was done. Gray had just sat down at his desk when he heard someone saying “Professor”?, an appellation it was still slightly consciously strange to apply to himself but which he had become accustomed to looking up automatically at hearing when he was the only adult in the room.

He expected a question about the lesson, or a desire for reassurance about performance, or maybe a complaint. The last thing he expected was the statement “I… I liked your radio shows.” and he blinked in confusion through his glasses for a moment, looking blank and probably a bit foolish as she followed this incredible pronouncement with an apology for setting things on fire.

“Ah – you have been doing better,” he said, hopefully encouragingly. “Just keep it up, keep working on it – carefully.” He hoped that did not count as discouraging, but…she did set things on fire rather a lot. Gray supposed he could think of it as a chance for personal growth – he was pretty sure he’d stood frozen in horror at least once last year, but when something happened enough, one stopped reacting to it as much as one did before. “And I’m glad you, ah, enjoyed the shows, thank you – but – how do you know that I’m me?” he asked, still puzzled by that. He hadn’t thought that much of his former audience had known who he was. Of course there had been credits, but people really listened to those? He’d thought those only existed so hiring managers and editors could check the details he put in his resume.

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    • Probably not being very impressive. — Professor Gray, Thu Dec 7 19:12
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