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Oh, I don't know. I rather like- Charms.
Thu Dec 7, 2017 21:13

She nodded, smiling brightly as he assured her she was getting better, and to keep working on it.

“I will,” she assured him, “I find it’s getting better more quickly in Charms. In Defence, everything’s all pressured and scary, and that makes it worse, and Transfiguration’s so difficult… And I also like- Charms,” she finished, hoping it hadn’t been obvious that that sentence was about to finish a different way. She thought most students had favourite teachers, but it probably wasn’t very wise to point out that she liked him better than Professor Nash. “Thanks for not getting cross with me about it,” she added. “That helps too.”

She hesitated, wondering whether she should, or even could explain… She wasn’t even sure what exactly she wanted to know… Whether it was normal, she supposed? But it wasn’t what she had come here to discuss and she didn’t have the words ready…. And then he was talking about the radio again instead.

“My daddy figured it out. Your full name was on my report card, and we had the ‘Secret Lives of Chessmen’ on record, and it had ‘by Grayson Wright’ printed along the bottom,” she blushed slightly realising she’d just used a teacher’s first name, only… Only not quite. ‘By Grayson Wright’ was different. It was hard to connect it to the person in front of her. Grayson Wright was a set phrase, a name, and the person who had written the shows. He was different than ‘Excuse me, Professor Wright.’ Talking about ‘Grayson Wright the writer’ didn’t seem like it should be personal, even when Professor Wright was in front of her, and they were, apparently, the same person. “He’s good at remembering,” and, whilst Professor Wright had seemed a perfectly common name, once you added in ‘Grayson’ it was certainly much more distinctive, though Cleo decided not to comment further on her Professor’s first name. “You don’t mind, do you?” she asked. ‘How did you know’ was always something someone said when you had found out something they didn’t want you to know. “My daddy said you’d be pleased to know that people liked your shows.”

  • Probably not being very impressive.Professor Gray, Thu Dec 7 19:12
    Another Beginners class was done. Gray had just sat down at his desk when he heard someone saying “Professor”? , an appellation it was still slightly consciously strange to apply to himself but which ... more
    • Oh, I don't know. I rather like- Charms. — Cleo, Thu Dec 7 21:13
      • So I gather.Professor Gray, Fri Dec 8 20:45
        Hearing himself referred to as ‘professor’ was strange but not, it turned out, quite as strange as hearing his actual name in this context. Grayson was – well, technically it was his name, on... more
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