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Kir McLeod, Teppenpaw
Be gone, inferior interior design!
Fri Dec 15, 2017 10:07

Kir was rather enjoying his third year, academically anyway. It felt exciting to step up, and be in the middle group - a group that stretched all the way up to the impossibly big and grown up fifth years, who would actually be sitting national exams at the end of the year. This was a national exam level class! Even though the work was usually differentiated down by quite a lot, it still made him feel quite grown up to be here, rubbing shoulders. Socially, it wasn’t a totally loss either. He was sad that he’d lost his roommate, and it had left quite a big hole, as he tended to be the kind of person who valued having a few close friends, rather than a big circle with less intimacy. In spite of this though, he was very easy socially. His upbringing, all the charity functions, had seen to it that he could happily chat away to anyone who was put in front of him. He thus saw it as not having a new close friend yet, and he’d had enjoyable interactions with a couple of people he hadn’t known particularly well until now, such as his snowball fight with Amelia and his duet with Georgia. Kir was an optimist by nature. Things were on the up, and would work out.

Charms helped maintain this upbeat mood. Charms was an upbeat kind of class. Charms were usually the little flourishes that made life more brilliant, or more convenient. Transfiguration was exciting, and was easily his favourite, because it was hard and required focus and understanding. Potions could be gloomy, and Defence always was. Care of Magical Creatures was usually pleasant and fun. Today’s charm seemed to fall into the convenience category, and Kir had to say he was looking forward to learning this one. The thought of long lazy mornings in bed, especially in winter, not having to brave that sting of cold air if he needed a new book, or wanted to fetch his robe and slippers to get up. Maybe he could even summon himself some tea or cocoa, although he could see how that would need extra finesse not to get messy…

Why, I assume some of you are thinking, is this any different from making a feather fly up above your heads?

Kir’s hand was half-raised before it became apparent that this was a rhetorical question. He pushed his hair back to try to make it look like that was what he’d been intending to do all along, even though his hair was not really long enough to be likely to be bothering him, nor to be successfully tucked back. The soft mousy waves fell back into their habitual position almost immediately.

When they were set their task, he went to collect the pillow - the understuffed pillow. For all that Professor Gray had predicted that several of them would be hit in the head by the end of class, it did not exactly seem like a worthy and terrible foe.

“Somehow, it’s lacking a little drama, isn’t it?” he commented to a classmate. “Be gone, foul and flimsy pillow! I guess if you take your interior decorating seriously, you might be mortally offended by the very sight of it, but it doesn’t exactly seem very threatening, does it?” he added, poking the limp form.

“Oh well… Depulso” he cast, trying to feel…. Forceful. It was hard. ‘Forceful’ wasn’t a word people would readily use to describe Kir. Nessa, his tiny terror of a sister, certainly. He could picture her banishing like nobody’s business. She could already do that quite effectively with just a stare - Nessa had a very definite ‘Get Out Of My Way’ stare. But he wasn’t really a pushy person. His pillow limped a couple of paces before running out of steam. The understuffed quality, combined with the lack of fluid motion on his part, made it seem more like some pathetic animal that was suffering some injury and had finally succumbed.

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