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Professor Wright
There’s always room for growth, Advanced grasshoppers.
Fri Dec 15, 2017 22:50

Gray was happy to see the end of the year approaching – the end of the year meant the beginning of summer and therefore time to improve his lessons for next year and to work on his writing and hopefully make a little extra money that way – but as it ceased to be near and became near-imminent, he also felt a little sorry, too. The seventh years were pretty good eggs, and this year, he had been around them long enough to form more ideas about them than just associating names and faces. He was sure he’d miss some of the faces and associated ideas next year.

Sentiment, however, was – as Anne would put it – what one indulged in after a game. Until the game was played, it was not helpful and was therefore to be avoided. Therefore, he handed back the practice RATS he had had the Advanced class take in their last meeting with a straight face.

“Hello, everyone, and welcome to another reminder of your impending exams,” he deadpanned. He felt slightly more comfortable expressing traces of humor with the older students than the younger. “Overall, I’m pretty pleased with your results on these practice tests, so pat yourselves on the back – just not with your wands in your hands, because that could end painfully.

“Everyone, though, has room for improvement. Everyone’s going to get ten minutes to review their exams, and them I’m going to start calling you up and examining you on the three charms you had the most trouble with in the written portion. That might mean verbal examination, might mean asking you to perform some Charms, or it might mean both - it’ll be a little different for each person, and give you a clearer sense of what your RATS practicals will be like.” Because neither he nor even the RATS examiners were altogether lacking in compassion, he had broken out a folding screen and put it up over an area with an end table, a chair, and a box of props in it. He could see the room, as his desk was not behind the screen, but the students wouldn’t have to perform for the whole class and bear the consequences of a flub before their peers. He expected this would still be stressful for some, but, well - so were the RATS, not to mention life as an adult witch or wizard.

For ten minutes, he reviewed his planned order of students while the students reviewed. Then he called up the first victim examinee.

OOC: So, here’s how this works: you all have permission to do some limited godmodding of Gray. If you write about your character’s experience being called up instead of just a studying together thread with a classmate, you may say things along the lines of “Professor Wright asked Joe to explain the origins of the Fidelius Charm and then to levitate three weights and try to juggle them and then put out the fire when Joe’s next trick went terribly wrong.” You may not, however, godmod Gray to the point where “to Joe’s surprise, Professor Wright leapt up and ran from the room to elope with Professor Skies.” Use any three Charms or theory questions you want, just give me creative, detailed, and realistic answers (or mishaps); if you’re stuck for ideas, HP wiki has lists of Charms, but if you are highly desirous of extra points and/or just want to give me a Christmas present, you can do research and make well-reasoned stuff up. Feel free to ask me to discuss a theory idea in Chatzy before you post it if you like, and have fun!

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