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Peyton O'Malley, Crotalus
Sorry to hear that
Wed Dec 27, 2017 16:23

So far, things were going good for Peyton at Sonora. She'd made a best friend-well, okay, best friend outside her own family, so now she had three best friends-her very first day. She was tremendously relieved to have Jasmine as a roommate too. After all, Crotalus was such a mixed bag of people. Peyton didn't know any particularly mean Crotali currently at school though Ryan's cousin Kelsey was more than a bit intimidating. However, she was a seventh year and didn't really pay much attention to Peyton.

The first year did miss Sophie though. Last November, Peyton's sister-in-law had given birth to an adorable little girl named Charlotte. Charlotte Peyton O'Malley. The Crotalus felt so proud and happy to have her niece have her name as a middle name.

Of course, there was still the elephant in the room. Eden Manger. Her siblings' sister. Peyton didn't know what to feel about her other than wary. It was perhaps irrational, as the older girl had done nothing wrong. It was just that....well, in some ways, Peyton felt she was competing with her. Like she had to be as good or better than Eden so their mutal siblings would like her as much.

It was sort of like....a new baby had been born or something. They'd known Peyton since she was born, Eden was new to them. Their brand sparkly new sister. And Peyton was old news.

Were the boys feeling like this about Charlotte?

And she didn't want to feel this way, she really really didn't. Peyton didn't like the idea of trying to be better than someone because it felt so mean. She didn't want to be the mean kind of Crotalus!

Professor Wright handed back their quizzes, explaining why they didn't have grades on them. Which Peyton thought was quite a clever way to introduce a lesson really. She took out her wand and did the motion. "Aparecium"

Briefly Peyton noted part of a letter, which looked like the bottom part of an E. She smiled to herself. The Crotalus wasn't a stellar student but she was better than average. Of course, Potions was her best and favorite subject because it was like cooking and baking and Sophie was the teacher.

She was about to try again, when she caught Parker Fitzgerald looking at her. Or more specifically her paper. Was he trying to compare? Peyton didn't know the Pecari well. To be honest, she hadn't gotten to know her classmates much. She had Vlad, she had Ivy, she had Jasmine and that had been her social circle so far. It would be nice to get to know others, she supposed. It was such a small class that it would be good if they all got to be friends.

Still, if Parker was the competitive type, that might not work out. "Um, can I help you?" Peyton asked, feeling a bit uncomfortable.

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    • Sorry to hear that — Peyton O'Malley, Crotalus, Wed Dec 27 16:23
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