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RATS fatigue
Wed Jan 3, 2018 11:04

Ginger looked over the practice exam she’d gotten back during the ten minutes allotted to doing so. She had laughed briefly at Professor Wright’s joke about another reminder of the swiftly approaching RATS, but as she looked over her wrong answers - not too many really, she’d scored a low E, which she would be happy to take home with her in a few weeks, and she expected her practical would only bump that score higher - she did kind of wish they could just get it over with already. All this endless preparation was even starting to make her nervous about them and she had no use at all for any kind of RATS scores.

She had no plans of going to college or getting a job outside the California Pierce acting troupe, so whether she got As or an Es or even graduated was just window dressing on a piece of paper that would probably never leave her mom’s RV.

Still, she did want to pass, because even Saul managed to pass, and she was a much better student than he had been. She didn’t really think that was going to be a problem though. She was smart and diligent enough that she coasted through most of her classes pulling low Es, and she didn’t think the RATS would score much worse even if she wasn’t spending every waking moment in the library revising. And even if she did fall into the A range, that would not hurt her future one whit.

So while she reviewed her wrong answers on the practice exam, and tried to commit those weaker points to memory, she felt no compelling drive to improve her score above where it was now.

When Professor Wright called her name, he quizzed her on some of the theory she was having trouble on, which she continued to have trouble with. He offered a few explanations that did help her understand it a little better, though honestly, as long as she could do the charms - which she could; she was far better at practical wand work than she was about explaining magical theory, and Professor Wright’s decision not to ask her to cast anything probably reflected that he understood that - she didn’t really see the point in understanding why it worked.

She returned to her seat and slumped down with an exhausted sigh. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to miss you all a lot,” she told the person sitting beside her with a wave to encompass the whole class of advanced students, “But I am so ready to stop hearing about the RATS everyday.”

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