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Owen Brockert,Teppenpaw
Wed Jan 3, 2018 18:03

The year was running out and it seemed to be running quite fast. Much faster than Owen could run with his asthma. Soon he'd be graduated and gone and a new chapter of his life would start. A new story so to speak.

Despite the fact that he had a lot to look forward to in life, Owen couldn't help but feel a little nervous. He'd always been a bit wary of big changes and sometimes he felt like he couldn't breathe thinking about it. Yes, he'd marry Jemima and yes, he'd be a writer but it still felt rather overwhelming at times.

And to make matters worse, RATS were looming over him. Not that they had a lot to do with what Owen would be doing in his future career but his natural instincts were to want to do well. Not only did he not want the shame of failure, he was worried that if he didn't do well on them, he wouldn't be considered good enough for Jemima.

That was not something he could even bear thinking about. The future was scary enough as it was, the thought of facing it without the love of his life was beyond painful.

Fortunately, Owen was a fairly good student. Professor Wright handed back his practice test and he had scored a high E. He breathed a sigh of relief. Even though he hadn't found it that difficult, there was always that moment of worry that he had-somehow-screwed up. The worries about being judged. Like when he wrote something , he worried that whomever he'd show it to wouldn't like it though Owen usually got positive feedback.

What if publishers didn't like his stuff though? He'd be devastated. It was all that the Teppenpaw had ever wanted to be. There wasn't another thing he would ever want to do, career-wise. Anything else seemed dreary and intolerable.

Professor Wright called him up and reviewed him on the theory stuff that he had gotten wrong. Most of it was stuff Owen hadn't been able to incorporate into his writing.

He settled back into his seat and began to review things that he'd still been having trouble with. However, his attention was quickly diverted when Ginger spoke up next to him.

"Agreed." Owen replied. He would miss the other Teppenpaws, at least and suddenly, it hit him. Would he even be seeing Ginger again? They didn't exactly travel in the same circles. He couldn't help but feel a sense of loss.

This was what he didn't like. Didn't want to feel. It hurt to think that the people he'd spent the past seven years with would probably no longer be in his life.

  • RATS fatigue Ginger, Wed Jan 3 11:04
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    • Loss — Owen Brockert,Teppenpaw, Wed Jan 3 18:03
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