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Professor Wright
Let’s lighten things up, Intermediates (years III-V)
Mon Feb 5, 2018 00:59

Being a teacher would, Gray thought as he faced the Intermediate class for the first time in the new academic year, have been the perfect gig for a writer not currently earning enough to live off of, if not for the necessity of, well, actually teaching.

Not for the first time, he cursed his teenage self for setting him up for this – first by choosing an utterly impractical, sporadically-paying thing to do with his life, that had been stupid, he should have been an accountant or something, and then by thinking that his teachers had had a pretty easy life. They gave a little speech, they judged who’d put the prettiest pattern on a glasses case, and then they…did whatever adults who weren’t his parents did in the evening. What, the teenage him had wondered, could be difficult about that?

Well, for one thing, Past Me, ties are really uncomfortable. Also, we have to sound like experts on something we might have only just really researched two hours two days ago. Oh, and did I mention that now all these shows of ours are being observed by the prairie elves because one of our students – one of the ones who likes us, even! – is having an Emotional Crisis due to her long-lost mother being a veela?

Admittedly, Gray was pretty sure none of his teachers had had that particular problem, though it was hard to be sure. He had, after all, never noticed a thing out of the ordinary about Cleo except that she did seem to be a bit more of a firestarter than average, unless her being enough of a fan to recognize his name counted. It was entirely possible that his strings were so irregularly tuned that he wasn’t affected by non-humans whose literal powers included supernatural influence over the minds of male humans. The Aladren in him found that rather interesting on some level, though the rest of him had sense enough to still not want to test his theory about his own impervious-to-veela-charm-osity out around a full veela, rather than just a traumatized kid whose father had apparently had a much more interesting youth than a shopkeeper who listened to albums with his daughter all the time really normally ought to have had….

“Welcome back, everyone,” he began as usual. “And to the third years, welcome to Intermediates – don’t worry, it’s not as bad as you’ve probably heard.” Unless it was, but no harm in giving them some hope, he supposed. Particularly the currently traumatized one he knew existed.. “And our first charm this year is one I expect you’ll be glad to know. Its incantation is adlevo. I assume you all know the spell Wingardium Leviosa, so does anyone want to take a guess what this one does?”

Gray let them take a few guesses. “Like Wingardium Leviosa, this spell involves breaking the rules of gravity,” he summarized finally, nodding in agreement with anyone who’d been in the vicinity of right. “This spell doesn’t make things fly on its own, though – it makes them light as feathers. So do be careful if you ever put it on anything important, because it might just fly away from you if there’s a breeze, and any of your Muggle neighbors might be confused by flying luggage. Plus, charms don’t last forever, so you might find yourself in for an unpleasant surprise if something goes over your head and the spell wears off at the wrong moment.

“The leviosa family of charms all uses the swish and flick motion, so no unlearning any muscle memories on your first day back – just an old faithful. Third years, you’ll start with paperweights – I have a box here – and fifth years, you’ll work on ten-pound weights. Fourth years, you can work with stones – these are on average around five pounds – or the weights, as you feel up to it. By the end of the month I expect everyone to be working with heavier objects, but a lot of you will find you have to work your way up to it.”

Gray absent-mindedly took off his glasses and then put them back on just as inattentively as he tried to remember if there was anything else he’d meant to say. “Anyone who deliberately throws an object – lightweight at that time or otherwise – at a classmate is in serious trouble, but I like to assume you’re all old enough to know better by now,” he added. “Raise your hand if you need any help, and begin.”

OOC: Welcome back! For once, I did remember to check the wiki, but it was less than forthcoming with information and so I made up the incantation – it’s Latin for “lighten, raise, lift up, alleviate, relieve, diminish the force.” All posting rules apply, creativity and detail gets you more points, tag Professor Wright if you need him.

Brief deviation from the usual end-of-class-post-announcements pattern: While his author makes no claim to getting everything right, Gray’s digression comparing himself to a poorly-tuned instrument is due to IC ignorance on his part. While far from a Society PB, he grew up in a fairly conservative all-magical background and as such isn’t aware that his own orientation (he’s asexual and somewhere on a spectrum between heteroromantic and aromantic) exists/is common enough to have a name and such. Now that you know enough about their teacher that your students would wish to sink into the floor if this weren’t an OOC note and so something they don’t know about, carry on as you were.

    • Setting A Good Example Zevalyn Ives, Aladren Prefect, Thu Feb 22 22:19
      Zevalyn got lucky this year. The opening feast had been on a friday, so she had gotten to celebrate her birthday, September second, by not going to class. But now her birthday was over, and so was... more
    • Sorry! I'm sorry, Lily! Help! Professor! Jozua Sparks, Teppenpaw, Mon Feb 5 08:24
      The first day of Jozua's last year of intermediates had begun with DADA. DADA had gone fairly normally, as far as first classes of the year went, though there had been an unusual presence of prairie... more
      • This year is not off to the best start.Professor Wright, Mon Feb 5 20:46
        Gray had almost decided that there was not going to be a disaster in his class today (he felt renewed pity and a wish he could do something about the situation when he observed how Cleo had... more
        • Yeah, I got elected Patient Zero. Tell me about it.Jozua Sparks, Mon Feb 5 21:24
          Jozua, corridor. The command was simple and straightforward and utterly humiliating. But Jozua followed it because, well, he was a font of static charge that was snapping at everyone within five feet ... more
          • Gray was rather glad Jozua appeared to be attempting to sink into the floor (thankfully in non-literal fashion – Gray suspected Selina and housekeeping would be equally displeased in that case) when... more
            • Lily was fine. That was good. She'd backed off pretty quickly in surprise and looked more than a little horrified when she called him 'a bloody firework' but she hadn't been hurt, and that was the... more
              • Me, too, but you asked.Professor Wright, Tue Feb 6 21:53
                Gray thought he might have liked Jozua’s idea better than his own anyway, but the sparks which went off around the boy again, though less of a dramatic show than the first time, would have done a... more
          • I don't remember class ever being this interesting.Lily Spencer, Pecari, Mon Feb 5 23:18
            There was no euphemism Lily could think of for the way she'd been acting towards Jozua lately; just avoidance. It wasn't purposeful ; she just happened to be physically compelled to sit with other... more
    • Not happeningCleo James, Crotalus, Mon Feb 5 07:50
      Cleo did not want to be here. Whether here was specifically Charms class, or Sonora, or existing on the planet in general didn’t matter. She didn’t want any of them. She had been excused from the... more
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