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Cleo James, Crotalus
Not happening
Mon Feb 5, 2018 07:50

Cleo did not want to be here. Whether here was specifically Charms class, or Sonora, or existing on the planet in general didn’t matter. She didn’t want any of them. She had been excused from the Opening Feast the previous night but Professor Skies had made it abundantly clear that she would have to get up, go to classes and get her meals in the hall thereafter. The tough love approach was not sitting well with her. She did not want to be around anyone. She had skipped breakfast because she was afraid of running into Parker. She still had no idea what she could possibly say to him. Except leave me alone. But she had to come to class. So, here she was. She had one tiny bit of luck in that the far end backrow seat was free, and that the seat next to it was occupied by another girl. Girl on one side, wall on the other. That was about as safe as it was going to get. She slid into the place, not looking at neighbour.

Potential Threat Wright began delivering his class. Until summer, he had been Professor Wright, and been someone she liked. She still did like him. And Parker. And Professor Xavier. But everything was broken and none of it could be like it was before. There were prairie elves in class to slap her professors and her fellow students back to their senses if any of them started trying to touch her, because apparently that was a thing she could make people want to do, beyond the point of them being able to control themselves, and she had no idea how to make it happen or, more importantly, not happen. She couldn’t even look at her teacher as he spoke. She had liked him. Did like him. Had? She had to be on her guard, and how could she continue to feel that she liked someone when she felt like she had to be protected from them? And him from her. Professor Skies had said the elves were there for “everyone’s protection.” Cleo saw it less from the compromising position her professors might find themselves in if something went wrong - their personal embarrassment and the difficulties it would give the school board were too subtle and too adult for her to consider - but the Defence textbook had been pretty clear about men throwing themselves off cliffs and veela being able to throw fire, so she got why she was considered a danger to the general population. She was amazed that monsters like her were allowed to go to school. It seemed like it would have been better for everyone if she’d just stayed home. Or never even been born.

Class started. She didn’t want to do it. She’d probably only burn the school down or something anyway. She stared at the paperweight in front of her. It was glass, and the pattern inside was a burst of bubbles, like an explosion that had been caught and frozen in time. It was much easier to imagine that tiny little world shattering and all that pent up energy bursting out than it was to imagine it becoming light enough to never even notice you were holding on to it.

She got out her wand. She would at least have to pretend hard enough that she was actually participating that Potetnial Threat Wright didn’t have to come within her orbit to tell her off, and then start either doing horrible things or having the desire to throw himself out of the window. But she didn’t want to put her heart and soul into it, because right now those were full of fire. She couldn’t imagine channeling her magic into anything productive at the moment. She made the swishes and flicks, mumbled the word, pretended like she was focussing, played the part of the good little girl. Good student. Good human.

  • Let’s lighten things up, Intermediates (years III-V)Professor Wright, Mon Feb 5 00:59
    Being a teacher would, Gray thought as he faced the Intermediate class for the first time in the new academic year, have been the perfect gig for a writer not currently earning enough to live off of, ... more
    • Setting A Good Example Zevalyn Ives, Aladren Prefect, Thu Feb 22 22:19
      Zevalyn got lucky this year. The opening feast had been on a friday, so she had gotten to celebrate her birthday, September second, by not going to class. But now her birthday was over, and so was... more
    • Sorry! I'm sorry, Lily! Help! Professor! Jozua Sparks, Teppenpaw, Mon Feb 5 08:24
      The first day of Jozua's last year of intermediates had begun with DADA. DADA had gone fairly normally, as far as first classes of the year went, though there had been an unusual presence of prairie... more
      • This year is not off to the best start.Professor Wright, Mon Feb 5 20:46
        Gray had almost decided that there was not going to be a disaster in his class today (he felt renewed pity and a wish he could do something about the situation when he observed how Cleo had... more
        • Yeah, I got elected Patient Zero. Tell me about it.Jozua Sparks, Mon Feb 5 21:24
          Jozua, corridor. The command was simple and straightforward and utterly humiliating. But Jozua followed it because, well, he was a font of static charge that was snapping at everyone within five feet ... more
          • Gray was rather glad Jozua appeared to be attempting to sink into the floor (thankfully in non-literal fashion – Gray suspected Selina and housekeeping would be equally displeased in that case) when... more
            • Lily was fine. That was good. She'd backed off pretty quickly in surprise and looked more than a little horrified when she called him 'a bloody firework' but she hadn't been hurt, and that was the... more
              • Me, too, but you asked.Professor Wright, Tue Feb 6 21:53
                Gray thought he might have liked Jozua’s idea better than his own anyway, but the sparks which went off around the boy again, though less of a dramatic show than the first time, would have done a... more
          • I don't remember class ever being this interesting.Lily Spencer, Pecari, Mon Feb 5 23:18
            There was no euphemism Lily could think of for the way she'd been acting towards Jozua lately; just avoidance. It wasn't purposeful ; she just happened to be physically compelled to sit with other... more
    • Not happening — Cleo James, Crotalus, Mon Feb 5 07:50
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