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Jozua Sparks, Teppenpaw
Sorry! I'm sorry, Lily! Help! Professor!
Mon Feb 5, 2018 08:24

The first day of Jozua's last year of intermediates had begun with DADA. DADA had gone fairly normally, as far as first classes of the year went, though there had been an unusual presence of prairie elves there, and it seemed the elves were in Charms, too, he noted as he arrived at his second class of the day. Lily had seemed a bit like she was, well, avoiding him so far this year, and he'd let that pass in DADA, because he didn't want to get on Professor Nash's bad side when he needed that professor for advising, teaching, and refereeing his Dueling Club, but Professor Wright had no such protections.

Instead of saving her a seat like he had in DADA (and ended up passing a fairly pleasant lesson with Zevalyn Ives instead that involved a lot of Dueling Club Talk, which was probably his favorite topic, and DADA related, so that was maybe for the the best anyway), this time, he waited until Lily was already seated before claiming the spot next to her. "Heya, Lily," he greeted her, trying to sound totally normal.

It wasn't totally normal though. This was a ball year. And Lily knew he liked her, and he knew she didn't like him that way, and it was going to be all kinds of awkward, and the more Jozua thought about it, the more he realized she'd had the right idea in the first place, and he should have gone and hung out with Finn and Juniper or something. Heck, he could get into another argument with Kir about how Jozua was or wasn't a homophobe and that would be super fun but possibly better and less awkward than this. But now he was already sitting next to his best friend and it would be weird - not to mention rude - to get up and sit somewhere else at this point.

So he sat through the lesson, only fidgeting a little bit, but not able to concentrate enough to feel comfortable volunteering answers to the class discussion questions. He kind of wished Professor Wright would lecture the whole period, just so his stupid act of Sitting Next To Lily Before The Ball Thing Got Resolved didn't end in another awkward class like the Draught of Peace potions lesson. All too soon, however, he wound up his lesson and told them to start doing the lightening charm.

It ought to be an easy class. He was a fifth year. The lightening charm was potentially the second most useful spell in the world, right after the summoning charm, though he supposed lumos had a good argument going for it as well, so maybe it was number three on The Most Useful Spells Ever. In any event, he had not made it to fifth year without learning it already, so it should have been a simple matter of swishing and flicking his wand and turning his ten pound weight into an object that could be sent across the room with a puff of his breath. (Jozua had totally never done that before in the MARS room because it made him feel super powered.) Then after that quick and easy demonstration of his ability, he could get his passing grade for the class and spend the rest of it looking like an idiot in front of Lily as they Resolved That Stupid Ball Thing and cleared up the awkwardness for the rest of the year.

So that was what should have happened. But what actually happened - before he even drew his wand - was sparks. Worse, this wasn't even the first time this happened recently. It used to happen all the time, back before Sonora, whenever he was nervous. It was why he hadn't gone to the wizard primary school in Aladren but got homeschooled. Why he hadn't had any friends at home. Because every time he got nervous, sparks had started going off around him, driving the people who made him nervous away. And now Lily was getting showered with sparks, just like the shopkeeper in the broom store back home had gotten showered with sparks a few days ago when he'd tried to ask Jozua what position he played at school and chat him up about Quidditch, a topic that Jozua was a bit self-conscious about discussing with strangers.

Usually, the sparks didn't hurt people - not any worse than static shocks anyway - but they were startling and unexpected, and Jozua should have better control over his magic than this! He was a trained wizard now! Not some useless ten year old who couldn't manage his own accidental magic!

"Sorry! I'm sorry, Lily! Professor!" The more upset he got, the more sparks there were . . . and this was just plain embarrassing!

OOC: Apologies for potentially god-modding. Lily's DADA avoidance could either be intentional (as gleaned from her Feast post) or just Jozua reading too much into her innocently sitting someplace else, but I am mostly viewing this as the first time they manage to connect since summer, and needed an excuse for it not to have happened in the first class of the day, which isn't getting RPed.

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    • Sorry! I'm sorry, Lily! Help! Professor! — Jozua Sparks, Teppenpaw, Mon Feb 5 08:24
      • This year is not off to the best start.Professor Wright, Mon Feb 5 20:46
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        • Yeah, I got elected Patient Zero. Tell me about it.Jozua Sparks, Mon Feb 5 21:24
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