Professor Wright
This year is not off to the best start.
Mon Feb 5, 2018 20:46

Gray had almost decided that there was not going to be a disaster in his class today (he felt renewed pity and a wish he could do something about the situation when he observed how Cleo had sequestered herself in a corner, but he had to admit that her sitting beside a girl was probably for the best. Of course girls could be attracted to each other, Gray knew this, but his limited understanding of the issue (veela were not subjects that came up often in shows about the secret lives of chessmen) indicated that veela did not work the same way as normal human sexual attractions. This was, frankly, why he was not entirely sorry to find his own class supervised right along with everyone else’s – there was really no way to know what would happen.

Still, the students didn’t seem overly inclined to ask him about the prairie elf supervision and no-one appeared inclined to jump over a desk toward Cleo right now, so things were good, at least until - ”Sorry! I’m sorry…Professor!”

Gray tried not to let his dismay show on his face. Of course. One of the scary Teppenpaws would start acting like, well, a scary Teppenpaw now that they were in separate classes and he almost had begun thinking of the House as trustworthy again….

The actual situation was just…bizarre, though. Weren’t Sparks and Miss Spencer friends? “What in the world?” he blurted out before he thought, bewildered, and then he recovered himself. “Jozua, corridor,” he managed to command. The display appeared accidental, which meant snapping ‘stop that right now’ was actually likely to make the situation worse, but obviously he couldn’t have one student lashing out magically all over the place, so getting that student out of the situation seemed like the best option. “Lily, are you all right? No damage?” He did still generally trust Pecaris to be fairly good at taking a jinx, so he expected he could anticipate those answers, but the questions had to be asked.

Once he had that issue sorted out, he had to address the issue with Jozua. “Prefects, keep an eye on the room for me for a moment,” he said. Not quite how he would have chosen to introduce the new prefects to the art of leadership, but they had to learn sometime and there were four of them plus the elf and he was going to be out of the room for five minutes at most if nothing else went dramatically wrong…

He composed himself to as neutral an expression as possible before exiting the room to deal with Jozua and, hopefully, not any further demonstrations of magic. Gray put some careful distance between them, though, just in case. “Care to tell me what was going on there?” he asked, carefully speaking slowly to ensure he spoke clearly.

An unpleasant thought struck him – that it could be related to Cleo on some level. Logically, however, that didn’t make sense. He’d been apologizing to Lily for shocking her. Of course, they were not exactly dealing with logic here, were they? Should he ask Daniel about this the next time he saw him? This year was not off to the best start….

  • Sorry! I'm sorry, Lily! Help! Professor! Jozua Sparks, Teppenpaw, Mon Feb 5 08:24
    The first day of Jozua's last year of intermediates had begun with DADA. DADA had gone fairly normally, as far as first classes of the year went, though there had been an unusual presence of prairie... more
    • This year is not off to the best start. — Professor Wright, Mon Feb 5 20:46
      • Yeah, I got elected Patient Zero. Tell me about it.Jozua Sparks, Mon Feb 5 21:24
        Jozua, corridor. The command was simple and straightforward and utterly humiliating. But Jozua followed it because, well, he was a font of static charge that was snapping at everyone within five feet ... more
        • Gray was rather glad Jozua appeared to be attempting to sink into the floor (thankfully in non-literal fashion – Gray suspected Selina and housekeeping would be equally displeased in that case) when... more
          • Lily was fine. That was good. She'd backed off pretty quickly in surprise and looked more than a little horrified when she called him 'a bloody firework' but she hadn't been hurt, and that was the... more
            • Me, too, but you asked.Professor Wright, Tue Feb 6 21:53
              Gray thought he might have liked Jozua’s idea better than his own anyway, but the sparks which went off around the boy again, though less of a dramatic show than the first time, would have done a... more
        • I don't remember class ever being this interesting.Lily Spencer, Pecari, Mon Feb 5 23:18
          There was no euphemism Lily could think of for the way she'd been acting towards Jozua lately; just avoidance. It wasn't purposeful ; she just happened to be physically compelled to sit with other... more
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