This was enough of a scene for me, thanks
Tue Feb 6, 2018 21:06

Lily was fine. That was good. She'd backed off pretty quickly in surprise and looked more than a little horrified when she called him 'a bloody firework' but she hadn't been hurt, and that was the important thing. He just hoped . . . he didn't even know what he hoped she did or didn't think about that whole thing. It was a mess is what it was. What was wrong with him?

He grimaced at the idea of going back in there when Professor Wright suggested he not sit with Lily again after this for the rest of the day. He could see the sense in it, but how long was this going to go on? He couldn't just not be around Lily for the rest of the year. They were best friends.

"Can't I just, I don't know. Go to the library for the rest of the period? Even the hospital wing?" Even if it had still been Medic Eir in there, who was possibly the most terrifying woman Jozua had ever met, the infirmary still sounded more appealing than facing his classmates again after that display. A spark or two snapped in the air around him just thinking about facing the stares of everybody else.

When Professor Wright started asking logical Aladren like questions about what the two incidents had in common, Jozua shook his head adamantly. "No, the other time was in a Quidditch shop at home. No class. No Lily. The salesguy was asking questions about Sonora's games, and I was getting self-conscious because I'm not really all that great of a player. I guess that could be the commonality? Self-consciousness? Same thing set off the sparks when I was little, too. It was bad enough that it kept me out of primary school, but I never had a problem here at Sonora before."

  • Gray was rather glad Jozua appeared to be attempting to sink into the floor (thankfully in non-literal fashion – Gray suspected Selina and housekeeping would be equally displeased in that case) when... more
    • This was enough of a scene for me, thanks — Jozua, Tue Feb 6 21:06
      • Me, too, but you asked.Professor Wright, Tue Feb 6 21:53
        Gray thought he might have liked Jozua’s idea better than his own anyway, but the sparks which went off around the boy again, though less of a dramatic show than the first time, would have done a... more
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