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Professor Wright
Stop what that’s doing, Beginners (1st and 2nd years)
Sat Feb 17, 2018 10:46

Magic, it seemed, was in the air this year, and not in a cliched or customary way. Instead, all the students were trying - completely inadvertently, but nevertheless - to kill them. One was part-veela – though if she had been projecting in his class, he had not noticed, which would be a relief, and it seemed the precautionary measures Daniel and Selina had come up with were working so far, for all except possibly alleviating Cleo’s apparent misery – and Jozua Sparks was living up to his name. Of course, accidental magic was just a fact of life, particularly in a school, but this year it did seem to catch the attention more, at least with the Intermediate class.

The Beginners, however, did their bit for the purpose of keeping the teachers on their toes. For one thing, four students, now, who were not overly skilled in English was a small number on paper, but quite a larger one in practice. Dorian Montoir was improving, but Tatiana Vorontsov – she signed her own name a bewildering number of ways, all of which made her surname end in an ‘a’, but ‘Tatiana Vorontsov’ was the name on the rosters – had the unfortunate combination of a mother tongue at a substantial remove from English, a certain lack of patience, and a certain type of stubbornness that Gray thought more common in his House than in hers, and the new ones, Masha Adin and Heinrich Hexenmeister, actually were Aladrens. Gray had already made a mental note to watch out for Heinrich in particular – Aladren males could be like Gray himself, of course, and therefore mostly harmless, but they had a certain reputation for competitiveness, and one who couldn’t even enunciate the incantations properly was a situation to keep an eye on. Not a prejudicial eye, of course, but…an eye. Good thing he had four of those, too, really.

Another good thing was that the standard way to handle magic gone wrong was a simple spell the first and second years studied. It was one they would need often in their lives, for a wide variety of purposes, but until they had wizard kids of their own, they were never likely to use it so often as when they were in the class where they were learning it.

“Hello everyone,” he said, with the slight wave which was his standard greeting to students. “Today’s a day when our second years are going to revise and strengthen an old skill while the first years learn it. That skill is how to make a spell stop working.”

One advantage, he supposed, which the international students did have with him was that he had learned over the past two years to speak slowly, enunciating a bit much here and there, when lecturing – otherwise, he might stumble over his words or get lost in tangents. He still suspected he used more words than were necessary, because – well – words had been his business before this job, he had even had assignments where he’d been paid by the word, and he was just that way, but he tried to pare it down for this class a bit besides the effort it took to ensure he was speaking clearly to all the classes.

“Second years, you already know the spell finite incantatem,” he continued, gesturing toward where those words were written on the portion of the board which was to his left. “In Latin, that literally means ‘end spell.’ Who can tell me a kind of spell it won’t work on?”

Gray took answers, the nodded when he got the right one. “Good job, five points to your House. Dark magic and very complex charms don’t always response to this spell. That’s something you’ll study more in Intermediate and Advanced classes. Almost any spell you learn in Beginners, though, should respond to this.

“To keep things interesting, second years are going to practice today with just half the incantation,” he continued. “You’re each going to get an inanimate object out of this box – “ he pointed to the box on his left – “and have two jobs. First, you will make this object dance across your desk using the Dancing Feet Spell, which we also studied last year in our Charms of Motion unit.” The objects were all deliberately foot-less objects such as those they’d had in their exams, as this required more focus to make it move in something resembling a dance instead of simply spinning madly off the desk. He expected a few mad spins off desks today despite their previous familiarity. “Then you will stop the dancing by casting finite incantatem, but only using finite as your incantation.”

Finite was, of course, a double-edged sword: on one hand, it was faster, only saying one, shorter word. On the other hand, however, not specifying incantatem required more concentration, focus, or sheer magical power, so this would be something of a challenge for the second years – and give him an opportunity to get some idea of how they stood relative to each other, if the first years didn’t have a truly disastrous time with their own, simpler, tasks, which he turned to next.

“First years, your task will be a little easier. You will each get an object out of this box.” He pointed to the box on his right. “These objects already have spells on them.” Mostly color-change charms, though there were flashing charms and size charms and a few other non-motion charms in the mix as well. “Your job is to use finite incantatem until you think you have the original object. Then you raise your hand so I can tell you if you do.

“If no-one has any questions, you may line up to collect your objects and begin once you’re back to your desks,” he concluded.

OOC: Welcome to Beginner Charms! Glad to have you all. All the site rules apply to your posts here, and you earn extra points for length, creativity, and realism – a character who describes his or her object and spell-casting process really clearly and creatively but writes about the character failing to perform the spell correctly may get a higher point score than one who writes about performing the spell perfectly on the first try, for example. Remember that your characters are first and second years and that most students are not magical prodigies. If you have questions for me out of character, please tag me on the OOC board or catch me in Chatzy (usually these days as Tatiana Vorontsova), and if you have something to ask Professor Wright or which Professor Wright should logically notice (such as explosions, fights, etc.), please tag me in the subject line of your post and I’ll respond as soon as possible. Have fun!

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