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Jasmine Delachene, Crotalus
As can I
Tue Feb 20, 2018 11:44

Jasmine quite liked being a second year. She felt competent. This early in the year, most of the lessons were review as the first years got up to speed, and the second years just had to work at slightly harder versions of the same thing. It boosted her confidence and made her realize just how much she really had learned in just one year. How amazing must the seventh years feel by now? She was eager to find out, but she could wait. She was happy being twelve for now.

Today’s Charm’s lesson was a bit more of the same, though he was at least having them reach back to a rather more complex charm (in as much as anything the first years learned could be called complex; but definitely not so complex that finite wouldn’t work on it) from last year. She didn’t immediately remember the incantation for the Dancing Feet charm, but her textbook reminded her of how to do it readily enough.

She drew her wand and looked at the pink and purple artificial flower she had pulled out of the box of ‘inanimate objects’ the professor had provided. Before she quite got to the point of lifting her wand in preparation and readying herself to cast, her neighbor, one of the first years, spoke to her.

She turned and frowned thoughtfully at the broom he had in front of him. “My sister has one not too different from that,” she admitted, “but it is a bit bigger. There may be a shrinking charm on it yet, and who knows what color it might have actually started out as. Or it could be a doll’s broom, and you’re done. Honestly, I have no idea how to tell. I guess keep trying the finite spell a few more times and see if anything happens as you get more practiced?”

She turned back to her own project, raised her wand, and made the flower dance. Pleased with her relatively easy success, she took a moment to just enjoy the dancing floral show, using her wand every few moments to keep it from dancing off the desk. “I almost don’t want to make it stop,” she admitted to her neighbor with the doll’s broom.

An idea bloomed and she smiled at him, “I suppose you could try your Finite Incantatem on my flower, then you’d at least know if it was working, and I’d get to make it dance again.”

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    • As can I — Jasmine Delachene, Crotalus, Tue Feb 20 11:44
      • I think you're better than me hereMikey, Sat Feb 24 03:37
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        • I have an extra year of practice Jasmine, Wed Mar 14 15:59
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