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Nathaniel Mordue, Teppenpaw
I...technically followed directions?
Thu Feb 22, 2018 20:22

Nathaniel had had more than one tutor over the course of his education, of course, but that had done little to prepare him for the variety he found in the teachers at Sonora. It was a slightly dazing number of personalities to get used to adjusting himself to – and all in one day. It was almost enough to make him glad not to have roommates, for all that other people would have been a distraction from the unfamiliarity that clung to the room even now that Nathaniel had all his things unpacked and arranged as close to the way they would be in his own room at home as he could.

He had refrained from doing this for several days because of Sylvia’s belief that she could somehow get him transferred to Crotalus, though he had not been at all surprised when it had become quite apparent the situation was going to be permanent. Now, he just tried to stick with his cousin as much as possible during meals and to avoid Simon. Sylvia had been genuinely surprised that Simon hadn’t just fixed it, and so Nathaniel doubted she would like it if she saw Nathaniel being too chummy with him even if he had the opportunity – which he didn’t really. He supposed it was the difference in Beginner and Intermediate schedules, but it had occurred to him that he didn’t really see that much of his cousin at all even at distances.

This was a bit of a letdown. They all lived in the same building now, even had the same teachers, so Nathaniel had expected to spend more time together as a family and to have more to say to each other when they did this. For instance, did Professor Wright greet all the classes with that awkward little half-wave and did he always speak that slowly? He had never really thought about it before his father – did what he’d done – but since then, it had occurred to Nathaniel that it must be awfully lonely, being Simon. Nathaniel found it lonely enough just having to be a good example to Jeremy sometimes, wanting to throw fits himself and not doing so, so he imagined Simon’s responsibility to be a good heir was even harder to carry.

Of course, it wasn’t that Nathaniel had anything like a lack of things to do besides worry about his cousins. He also had classes to contend with. His tutors had warned him before he left that he would rarely know such a mix of boredom and failure again, and he hoped they were right, because magic was hard. One had to practice over and over and over again, incrementally, and then even once one got it down, had to practice some more in a slightly harder way, as Professor Wright told the second years to do today.

For Nathaniel’s class, at least, the lesson was…well, probably not very interesting, but useful. Being able to end a spell was definitely useful, even if, to his disappointment, apparently it wouldn’t always work. That made sense – if a spell a first year could learn could end any magic, nothing would be safe – but it was still a bit of a disappointment.

He picked a block which was flashing colors out of the box, reasoning it would be fairly easy to tell when this was no longer enchanted so he didn’t look foolish calling Professor Wright over too soon. He put it in front of him and tried the spell for the first time.

Nothing happened.

Mix of boredom and frustration. This was not unusual, but it was always just a little disappointing nevertheless. He tried again, feeling his wand swish a little - ever so slightly swishy, the wandmaker had called it. Nathaniel couldn’t say he liked that quality of the instrument; it made him worry about not making the movements Just So and ending up with a buffalo in the room when he did not want one (if there even was a set of circumstances under which he would want one, he had no idea, but he suspected not). He stopped midway through as a result, tried again, and –


Nathaniel dropped his wand and covered his ears as the cube inexplicably began to whistle like a teakettle. Realizing this wasn’t helping, he reached for his wand again to stop it, figuring he must have removed one charm without realizing it and that this had made it start whistling, but before he could scoop the wand back up off his desk, the cube started dancing, whirling in circles on one corner, then lurching to another, then back again, spinning until it went over the edge of his desk and crashed onto the floor, still shrieking as though it were full of boiling water.

Red-faced, Nathaniel picked it up and put it firmly back on his desk. When it began attempting to dance again, he grabbed it and, ignoring its attempts to get away, snapped, in the sharpest tone he’d used all year, “Finite incantatem!

The whistling and dancing stopped abruptly, but the flashing colors remained. Nathaniel smiled wanly at his neighbor. “I wonder if that counts for partial credit?” he asked, hoping to make it funny, rather than just humiliating, that he seemed to have somehow messed up the enchanted object and had then only succeeded in undoing whatever it was he’d done to it.

  • Stop what that’s doing, Beginners (1st and 2nd years)Professor Wright, Sat Feb 17 10:46
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    • I...technically followed directions? — Nathaniel Mordue, Teppenpaw, Thu Feb 22 20:22
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        • Sorry, sorry, sorry about that.Nathaniel, Tue Feb 27 14:44
          Nathaniel half-smiled when his neighbor said he thought Nathaniel ought to get extra credit for his...display. “I’ll try,” he said when advised to make it ‘softer’ next time. He decided not to admit... more
          • It worked! Parker had made it stop on the first try. Though not necessarily a minor miracle, it made him feel more accomplished with this magic stuff then he had since the last time he had been on a... more
            • I really hope you both get back to normal now.Professor Wright, Wed Feb 28 18:56
              Gray looked up when he heard something begin whistling like a teakettle - very distinctly like a teakettle - because he knew that he had not put any spells on anything to make that happen. Loud... more
              • Edit: Misreading on my part.Professor Wright, Wed Feb 28 20:39
                OOC: Sorry, Parker, I misread your original post and thought it was your vase which transformed. The last two paragraphs should have read: “Gentlemen, I know it’s fun to play around with Charms... more
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        • But what is a teacup?Dorian, Wed Feb 28 06:59
          His desk partner seemed not to mind the intrusion of his cutlery into their personal space, which was good. He hadn’t met many people at Sonora yet who seemed like they would, but he was pleased to... more
          • Something you drink tea out of?Ruby, Tue Mar 27 14:27
            “You’re welcome.” She replied. Ruby had learned French as a child as part of her lessons but her parents hadn’t cared a great deal how fluent she was. Actually Mother seemed to not care how well they ... more
            • “Yes, true,” he nodded, when she said that it would be hard to drink from something that kept moving. He gave her a half smile as the amusing image danced through his head. As Ruby talked more, he... more
    • I think I can handle thatMichael DiCaprio, Pecari, Sat Feb 17 20:00
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      • As can IJasmine Delachene, Crotalus, Tue Feb 20 11:44
        Jasmine quite liked being a second year. She felt competent. This early in the year, most of the lessons were review as the first years got up to speed, and the second years just had to work at... more
        • I think you're better than me hereMikey, Sat Feb 24 03:37
          It was intimidating sitting next to a pretty girl that he hadn't grown up with. She was really good at Charms too. "You're really good," he told her, impressed. "It's super fun to watch." Though... more
          • I have an extra year of practice Jasmine, Wed Mar 14 15:59
            Jasmine smiled and tried not to preen too much at the compliments Mikey was giving her. “Thank you,” she responded in her best attempt at Demure. “You’ll catch on before you know it,” she added... more
            • That is trueMikey, Thu Apr 5 20:00
              "I hope so," Mikey replied. It seemed impossible right now with so many new spells and incantations to memorize. Even though it was super fun doing it, he had a hard time getting them all to stick in ... more
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