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Zevalyn Ives, Aladren Prefect
Setting A Good Example
Thu Feb 22, 2018 22:19

Zevalyn got lucky this year. The opening feast had been on a friday, so she had gotten to celebrate her birthday, September second, by not going to class. But now her birthday was over, and so was her first prefect meeting Sunday night, and it was time to hunker down into her last year of intermediates.

DADA had gone fine, and she had talked dueling with Jozua Sparks, so that had been pretty interesting. She expected Charms to follow the same pattern. At first, it seemed to be. But the Jozua started generating some kind of force field around him and got ejected from the class, and she and the other prefects were put in charge while Professor Wright went out to talk to him.

Lily took lead on that, and there really didn’t seem to be much else to do unless someone caused trouble or needed help, so Zevalyn just shrugged and turned to her neighbor. “That was weird. He seemed fine in Defense.”

Figuring she ought to set a good example as a prefect, she then set to her assignment. She swished and flicked at her ten pound weight, and spoke the incantation. A year ago she’d still been featherweighting the paperweights with the third years, but she’d put in a lot of practice and effort since then, and when she hefted up her weight, it definitely wasn’t ten pounds anymore.

It was maybe not as light as it should be after a lightening charm, but there was a notable change, enough to earn an Acceptable, but she was an Aladren. Acceptable wasn’t actually acceptable. And nobody ever got Outstanding at anything without practice.

She cast finite on it and tried again. And again. And again. By the seventh time, she was reducing the weight by nearly 9/10ths, which she was quite pleased by. She looked up and noticed Professor Wright had returned but Jozua had not. She didn’t know what to make of the later, but the former meant she was safely excused to just be a student again and not A Good Example.

Which meant chatting with her neighbor was back on the table. “How’s it going?” she asked, keeping the query open as to whether she meant the assignment or life in general. Whichever interpretation they wanted to answer was fine with her.

OOC: Timeline established in the first paragraph explains some time fuzziness surrounding how the lounge conversation between Zevalyn and Georgia fits chronologically with classes. Zev is NOT infected at this time.

  • Let’s lighten things up, Intermediates (years III-V)Professor Wright, Mon Feb 5 00:59
    Being a teacher would, Gray thought as he faced the Intermediate class for the first time in the new academic year, have been the perfect gig for a writer not currently earning enough to live off of, ... more
    • Setting A Good Example — Zevalyn Ives, Aladren Prefect, Thu Feb 22 22:19
    • Sorry! I'm sorry, Lily! Help! Professor! Jozua Sparks, Teppenpaw, Mon Feb 5 08:24
      The first day of Jozua's last year of intermediates had begun with DADA. DADA had gone fairly normally, as far as first classes of the year went, though there had been an unusual presence of prairie... more
      • This year is not off to the best start.Professor Wright, Mon Feb 5 20:46
        Gray had almost decided that there was not going to be a disaster in his class today (he felt renewed pity and a wish he could do something about the situation when he observed how Cleo had... more
        • Yeah, I got elected Patient Zero. Tell me about it.Jozua Sparks, Mon Feb 5 21:24
          Jozua, corridor. The command was simple and straightforward and utterly humiliating. But Jozua followed it because, well, he was a font of static charge that was snapping at everyone within five feet ... more
          • Gray was rather glad Jozua appeared to be attempting to sink into the floor (thankfully in non-literal fashion – Gray suspected Selina and housekeeping would be equally displeased in that case) when... more
            • Lily was fine. That was good. She'd backed off pretty quickly in surprise and looked more than a little horrified when she called him 'a bloody firework' but she hadn't been hurt, and that was the... more
              • Me, too, but you asked.Professor Wright, Tue Feb 6 21:53
                Gray thought he might have liked Jozua’s idea better than his own anyway, but the sparks which went off around the boy again, though less of a dramatic show than the first time, would have done a... more
          • I don't remember class ever being this interesting.Lily Spencer, Pecari, Mon Feb 5 23:18
            There was no euphemism Lily could think of for the way she'd been acting towards Jozua lately; just avoidance. It wasn't purposeful ; she just happened to be physically compelled to sit with other... more
    • Not happeningCleo James, Crotalus, Mon Feb 5 07:50
      Cleo did not want to be here. Whether here was specifically Charms class, or Sonora, or existing on the planet in general didn’t matter. She didn’t want any of them. She had been excused from the... more
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