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I think you're better than me here
Sat Feb 24, 2018 03:37

It was intimidating sitting next to a pretty girl that he hadn't grown up with. She was really good at Charms too. "You're really good," he told her, impressed. "It's super fun to watch." Though Mikey had grown up surrounded by magic at home, it was really different and really fun learning how to do it himself. Plus making things dance made class super entertaining. "I can't wait till I learn how to do those spells."

Her suggestion was valid and he nodded. "Good idea." Mikey felt nervous, but hid it under an aura of self-confidence by sitting up straight. "Finite Incantatem," he said as well as he could. Her artificial flower stopped dancing and fell over, once again inanimate. "I think I'm getting the hang of it," he said, smiling. He was really glad he hadn't looked silly or incompetent next to her.

Turning back to his hybrid broom, he decided to try it again and focus on the handle. "Finite Incantatem," he said. The broom handle did expand, but the color stayed the same. It looked like a functional broom now, besides the color. "I guess that's how it is," he said doubtfully. "I guess I've never seen a girl's broom before."

Mikey raised his hand so Professor Wright could tell him if it was done or not. Once Professor Wright left, he decided to keep testing out his wand. He changed the color of the broom handle to his favorite, blue, before turning back to his seat partner.

"Are you going to make it dance again?" he asked. Even though he couldn't do it himself, he liked watching her do it.

  • As can IJasmine Delachene, Crotalus, Tue Feb 20 11:44
    Jasmine quite liked being a second year. She felt competent. This early in the year, most of the lessons were review as the first years got up to speed, and the second years just had to work at... more
    • I think you're better than me here — Mikey, Sat Feb 24 03:37
      • I have an extra year of practice Jasmine, Wed Mar 14 15:59
        Jasmine smiled and tried not to preen too much at the compliments Mikey was giving her. “Thank you,” she responded in her best attempt at Demure. “You’ll catch on before you know it,” she added... more
        • That is trueMikey, Thu Apr 5 20:00
          "I hope so," Mikey replied. It seemed impossible right now with so many new spells and incantations to memorize. Even though it was super fun doing it, he had a hard time getting them all to stick in ... more
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