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Ruby Brockert,Teppenpaw
And balls and teacups.
Tue Feb 27, 2018 11:25

Ruby was really excited about this year. Well, she was excited for the ball. As a twelve year old, she was too young to attend the fancy ones that her parents did so this was going to be great! She was going to get to get all dressed up in a fancy gown. Ruby hadn't really had much occasion to do so yet and she was super excited about it. Plus she'd get to wear all her fanciest jewlery, the ones Emerald thought there was no point in bringing to school.

It was just too bad she couldn't go to the salon to get her hair and nails done for the occasion. If only she could arrange a trip for girls who wanted to go. Her grandfather was Headmaster, but Ruby felt bad taking advantage of it. Like doing so, even if others went along and it helped them, made her a spoiled brat and a bad person.

She guessed she could get a party together to get ready but wouldn't be quite the same, wouldn't be quite as special. Still, older girls like Angelique could help them. The sixth year knew all sorts of beauty charms and a lot about hair and makeup. Plus, it would help build community among them.

Ruby also wished she could have a date but Emerald had pointed out that twelve year old boys weren't typically interested in girls yet and older boys would be more likely to ask girls closer to their own age.However, the Teppenpaw was sure that if the ball had occurred when Owen and Jemima were her age, he'd have asked his now fiance.

Which made her worry some. Owen and Jemima were obviously meant to be together. If Ruby was meant to be with someone at school, wouldn't they already realize it? She wanted that so much. Wanted the special magic of finding her true love.

Hopefully though the appropriate guys her own age would at least ask her to dance. Which there weren't many of, unfortunately. Vlad was definitely related to her and she thought Connor Priory was too.

But did guys her age even want to dance? Ruby wasn't sure why they'd bother to have a ball with the younger students included if none of the boys wanted to dance. But at least she'd get to dress up and look pretty.

Professor Wright began the lesson and the Teppenpaw made herself pay attention. She knew it was important to be respectful of others and give them her attention when they were speaking but she couldn't help but be more interested in beautiful gowns and sparkly jewlery.

And the lesson only made her think of the ball more. The second years were supposed to make an object dance and then stop it. Okay, she could do that.

Her object happened to be a pink plastic teacup, the kind that little girls used in tea parties. Of course, her and her sisters hadn't used plastic ones, but that was the object Ruby had. She took her wand and did the dancing feet charm on it. It began to rock back and forth on her desk in a rhythmic fashion. She was about to make it stop when Dorian's fork fell on to her desk "It's no problem." Ruby replied as her teacup gradually made it's way closer to the edge of her desk.

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    • And balls and teacups. — Ruby Brockert,Teppenpaw, Tue Feb 27 11:25
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