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Sorry, sorry, sorry about that.
Tue Feb 27, 2018 14:44

Nathaniel half-smiled when his neighbor said he thought Nathaniel ought to get extra credit for his...display. “I’ll try,” he said when advised to make it ‘softer’ next time. He decided not to admit that he had not meant to make it do anything at all, just to make it stop doing something. He knew that accidental magic was probably not something completely unexpected in first years who were still as new as he was, but he was still embarrassed by the noisy outburst. Drawing attention to himself was almost the exact opposite of what he wanted to do, and he doubted his neighbor was the only person currently very aware of where Nathaniel was.

He flinched slightly as his neighbor got back a little of his own by shouting at his vase to stop spinning, but recovered by the time it stopped moving. “Nicely done,” he complimented the older boy, hoping this would help make up for making a stir.

Shaking hands sitting down at desks was a bit awkward, but Nathaniel made the best of it so as not to be rude. “Nathaniel,” he said when asked who he was. “Nathaniel Mordue, of the Oregon Mordues. You’re a second year, I see?” he said, looking at the vase and remembering that he had heard Parker use the shorter form of the incantation.

  • Sorry what? There's a buzzing in my ear.Parker Fitzgerald, Tue Feb 27 11:46
    Parker had started to receive letters back from old friends and his sister, and it was weird. He'd always known they had lives without him there, but when he'd been home last, it seemed like nothing... more
    • Sorry, sorry, sorry about that. — Nathaniel, Tue Feb 27 14:44
      • It worked! Parker had made it stop on the first try. Though not necessarily a minor miracle, it made him feel more accomplished with this magic stuff then he had since the last time he had been on a... more
        • I really hope you both get back to normal now.Professor Wright, Wed Feb 28 18:56
          Gray looked up when he heard something begin whistling like a teakettle - very distinctly like a teakettle - because he knew that he had not put any spells on anything to make that happen. Loud... more
          • Edit: Misreading on my part.Professor Wright, Wed Feb 28 20:39
            OOC: Sorry, Parker, I misread your original post and thought it was your vase which transformed. The last two paragraphs should have read: “Gentlemen, I know it’s fun to play around with Charms... more
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