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No need. I am not quite myself either.(Tag Professor Wright)
Wed Feb 28, 2018 10:43

It worked! Parker had made it stop on the first try. Though not necessarily a minor miracle, it made him feel more accomplished with this magic stuff then he had since the last time he had been on a broom.

"Thank you," Parker said a bit pleased with himself.

As Nathaniel introduced himself Parker stretched his brain trying to remember other students that might be Mordues and came up empty. He usually tried to remember peoples first names, and still didn't understand why people put such a high price on their last names and familial location.

"Nice to meet you Nathaniel. I am a second year, though not a very good one I'm afraid," he said pointing to his vase.

"Sorry, but I am terrible at the family names, but it is nice to meet you. I enjoyed the dance you made the box do," Parker said pointing his wand at the box casually.

Suddenly Parker felt weird. It felt almost like there was a fog inside him coming out down his wand. Before he could move his wand or do anything at all the box he was pointing at started vibrating.

"Oh god...I don't know what I.." was all Parker could say before the box sprouted wings and started to fly off the table. Then shaking in the front a shape began to push out from the changing colors. Parker sat transfixed as a fish head sprouted from the box, with multicolored gills and scales changing like the box. As it changed from a green color to a blue color the whole thing seemed to explode from the inside raining down multicolored bits onto the table.

"A Bird-Fish..." was all Parker could say.

  • Sorry, sorry, sorry about that.Nathaniel, Tue Feb 27 14:44
    Nathaniel half-smiled when his neighbor said he thought Nathaniel ought to get extra credit for his...display. “I’ll try,” he said when advised to make it ‘softer’ next time. He decided not to admit... more
    • No need. I am not quite myself either.(Tag Professor Wright) — Parker, Wed Feb 28 10:43
      • I really hope you both get back to normal now.Professor Wright, Wed Feb 28 18:56
        Gray looked up when he heard something begin whistling like a teakettle - very distinctly like a teakettle - because he knew that he had not put any spells on anything to make that happen. Loud... more
        • Edit: Misreading on my part.Professor Wright, Wed Feb 28 20:39
          OOC: Sorry, Parker, I misread your original post and thought it was your vase which transformed. The last two paragraphs should have read: “Gentlemen, I know it’s fun to play around with Charms... more
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