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Professor Wright
Edit: Misreading on my part.
Wed Feb 28, 2018 20:39

OOC: Sorry, Parker, I misread your original post and thought it was your vase which transformed. The last two paragraphs should have read:

“Gentlemen, I know it’s fun to play around with Charms sometimes, but if you could both do your assignments first, I’d appreciate it,” he said. “I hadn’t noticed either of you showing your objects to me to see if you’d removed all the enchantments.” Of course, Nathaniel's object - the arrangement of objects around the two boys made it seem Parker had transformed Nathaniel's object rather than his own - was now useless due to an adult having cancelled all its enchantments, so he’d have to get another one for the first year to use. He Summoned the box wordlessly and put it on the desk in front of Nathaniel, assuming that the order to take a new object from the limited supply remaining would speak for itself. Once Parker had something, Gray carried the box and the box back to the front of the room.

He wanted to take Parker’s wand and run priori incantatem on it, because now that he thought of it, it was...not normal. A second year managing, apparently off the top of his head, a Transfiguration of that scale? Accidental magic could have dramatic results, but Parker should have had that well under control by now, plus nothing had happened in class that should have produced undue stress for the boy. So what had happened there? He thought he might tell Selina about this incident in more than passing, unlike the thing with Jozua and Lily - she was the Transfiguration teacher and could tell him if it was as odd as he thought it was. Hopefully she wouldn’t regard it as a waste of her time, because to him it looked like something that might want an eye on it - whether it was that Parker was a superwizard or that the mischief which had infected the Intermediate class was possibly spreading down to the Beginners as well.

  • I really hope you both get back to normal now.Professor Wright, Wed Feb 28 18:56
    Gray looked up when he heard something begin whistling like a teakettle - very distinctly like a teakettle - because he knew that he had not put any spells on anything to make that happen. Loud... more
    • Edit: Misreading on my part. — Professor Wright, Wed Feb 28 20:39
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