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Professor Wright
Advanced Charms: Blind me with science.
Fri Mar 2, 2018 22:15

Charms was often – and fairly enough – considered a ‘softer’ subject than Transfiguration or Potions for many reasons. Where they were exacting, Charms offered room for creativity, often worked under more relaxed rules, and – most damningly for its status as an academic subject – was very practical. There was a lot more rote memory work of incantations and wand movements than deep theory; even CATS exam questions could be more about how to apply a charm than about what it was. Gray had chosen to study it in school partially for this very reason – he’d only gotten a degree as a fallback measure, having planned to spend his whole life writing, so he’d gone with something that was only difficult when you started whirling out towards its edges, out into the places he was currently preparing to take his Advanced students.

When the students entered the room, those who were very attached to sitting in the same place every day were likely to be distressed, for the number of seats needed for the class had all been placed into small stations. A few desks made semi-circles facing small tables, each of which held different items.

“Everyone sit where you like,” he told them as they entered. “No assignment’s necessarily better than another.

“What you all have in front of you are classic Charms-Transfiguration problems,” he told them. “Over here, you have a glass of vinegar – “ he raised this as though he were going to make a toast before putting it back down again – “and a glass of wine which was vinegar twenty minutes ago.” He looked mock-sternly at those students. “I will notice if you drink it,” he informed them, not noting that this was because that glass was charmed to shriek if tipped back too far. He went to the next station. “You guys here, you have a chessman – “ a knight waved his sword angrily, as he might have, and tried to stab Gray in the hand with it, which was, in his opinion, going a little far considering that all he’d done was Silence the figurine – “and a Golden Snitch chained to a paperweight.” The tiny ball’s wings were still fluttering in an attempt to escape. “And finally, over here, we have – “ he picked up a shiny Christmas bauble, and immediately, replica baubles began falling down to the table until he put the original bauble down and murmured a charm to stop the replication. “The Doubling Charm, which is also sometimes known as the Geminio Curse, from its incantation and a few regrettable instances where unsavory characters have used its unique properties to crush people to death through endlessly replicating copies.

“Your job is to theorize about why the object in front of you – with the exception of my friend the Knight there, he’s just there for comparison purposes – is something that’s considered Charmed and not Transfigured,” he said. “Why is turning vinegar into wine not a Transfiguration? Why is a Snitch – which moves independently and takes evasive measures – considered charmed while chessmen are often considered alive? And why is the replication caused by Geminio not considered a form of conjuration?

“Once you have formulated a theory, work on designing an experiment – using different spells, potions, apparatuses, whatever you think you’d need – to prove your theory and a rationale for your method. Submit those at the end of class and I’ll return them with feedback next class.” He was going to have them work on a longer project to do those experiments, but he needed to ensure they had something at least worth starting with and an opportunity to gather supplies. “You’re free to talk to each other and exchange ideas, borrow books from around the room. Just stay broadly on task and remember – RATS are coming. Let me know if you need a push in the right direction or want to run a theory by me. Get started.”

OOC: Welcome to Advanced Charms! To help you out with this one, here are some links:, Feel free to theorize away – the more creative-but-logical you are, the more points you may earn. Catch me in Chatzy if you want to chat about something before you post it, cite any sources you use ‘cause it makes me happy to see what other people are reading, and have fun!

    • Citation neededIngrid Wolseithcrafte, Pecari, Sat Mar 24 22:03
      Although Professor Wright told them that no assignment was necessarily better than any of the others, it was pretty obvious which table the Pecari Quidditch Captain was going to make a beeline for.... more
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